October 23, 2013

3 Weeks Left (Insta-Gratitude Week 42)

Less than three weeks to go until we head out of town, so each day is getting busier and busier.  Little but little, our house is getting packed up.  It's even more important to take a second and be grateful each day.  The best example I have from this last week was Saturday afternoon.  I had Justin stop before crossing the Ford Bridge and park so we could get out and walk on to the bridge and just take in the beauty of the trees lining the river and their changing colors.

Other than those few peaceful minutes, we had a pretty busy weekend.  Friday night was a girl's sleepover and we enjoyed an early Thanksgiving potluck dinner.  We had a surprise guest, Cole.  He is my friend's son and he is absolutely adorable.  

We were also lucky enough to spend lots of time with J's parents dog last week when his parents were out of town.  My favorite moment was catching him riding in my niece's carseat... he doesn't really fit.  The rest of the weekend was spent packing and cleaning - Lola was supervising.

Aside from the busy weekend, we got lots accomplished around the house, but also took a little time for ourselves.  Justin had his first hot stone massage and loved it.  I enjoyed a little quiet time.

So many things that put me in my happy place.  What were you grateful for this week?? 


  1. those pics are gorgeous. all the leaves have changed here, too and it's so pretty!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I love Lush. I should walk over there today.

  3. My happy place this week has consisted of a glass of red wine, sweats/hoodie and a blanket (still refusing to turn the heat on...), and my new laptop!!

  4. Ohhhh that picture of water and trees has stolen my heart. Also the baths, because this week I have taken three. Because it's fall and it's chilly and warm water is my favorite!

  5. Gorgeous view and the dog in the car seat is awesome! This week I am grateful for coffee, but I am pretty sure that I am always grateful for coffee.


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