September 25, 2013

The Countdown Begins (Insta-Gratitude Week 38)

We have now told the world our BIG NEWS, so it makes more sense when I tell all of you that I'm so grateful for all the little things about home.  It's a little scary to know that we will have to find a new routine and new peeps in our new city.  I'm going to take full advantage of Minnesota and my family & friends for the next 45 days.

Last week, we were traveling for work, but I got a little taste of my future baseball adventures.  Miller Park is somewhere that both of us had been, but never together, so we were finally able to check it off our list.  More to come, but here is my favorite picture.  So many new ballparks in our future :)

Once we got home from work, we started working on our garage sale and enjoying each moment we have in our house.

Trust me, I'll get into the garage sale - it was entertaining.  There were so many exciting things that happened this week.  We got rid of so many things.  

I made cookies on Monday night and they were UNREAL.  Cookies & Cream out of the box.  Done and done.  I brought all the leftovers to work, which was the best thing for my diet bet.  Also, we have the best dog groomer in the world and Quincy looks amazing.  His beard got cut a little short, but he was asking for it because he was dirty.

Oh and Wicked.  I can't even go there yet.  I loved every minute of it.  I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity to go to the show.  I'm beyond excited that we will be within 20 miles of Broadway soon and these nights can happen more than once a year.

Some of the other notable things this week that I was grateful for:
  • Winning my first ever fantasy football game, but even more, emailing back and forth with Sarah. This league is full of some of my favorite people and that makes it so much more fun.
  • Dumb & Dumber coming back.
  • How I Met Your Mother coming back.  I love this show and I love even more that the season premiere showcases the differences between Minnesotans and New Yorkers... it's like my life playing out in front of me.
  • Apartment hunting online.  We have a bunch of appointments set up for next week.  HOLY CRAP THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!
  • The amount of love and advice I got after posting our big news.  This is the greatest community out there and I meet new people every single day and LOVE IT.
Come and link up and tell me what you're grateful for this week.  I will continue to host this link up for the next few months and will have some presents for the ones that stick with me on this.  Also, I urge you to check out this link up as well:

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Share your links.  Share the love.  Happy Hump Day!

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  1. i'm grateful that i haven't shot anyone at work because of all the bullshit going on with my project right now!! LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Where are you looking at apartments? Hoboken, Jersey City? Such an exciting time. Your dog will be welcome a lot of places too!

    Still sads that I didn't get to purchase that mask at your garage sale. I would've been voted best wife ever.

  3. So many awesome, exciting things in your life girl!!! :) Cheers to SO many new adventures!

    Ps- I'm starting a rough draft for you today!!

  4. Ooh, have fun apartment hunting! So exciting about your move! I've never really been on the New Jersey side, but I would love to live near NYC again.

  5. I remember when I first moved to LA, the month before.. we crammed in as much as possible and learned to fully appreciate our hometown. Glad you are getting to do that. I'm so excited about HIMYM & Dumb and Dumber coming back too!

  6. As soon as I saw WICKED I yelled. I've seen it three times so far and cry every single time. I have goosebumps just writing this!

    Good luck with the apartment search! Take deep breaths. Also, maybe some beer.


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