September 12, 2013

My Life in Songs

Music makes my life complete.  When I saw that Helene came up with the topic of "songs that define me", I got so excited to read what people wrote and find some new music to jam out to.  I didn't think I would be able to come up with songs that define me.  Instead, I keep thinking of songs that define a period of my life.

When I was growing up, my dad always made sure that I was loving his music and we would have sing a longs in the car to the Allman Brothers, Neil Young, the Jayhawks, Bob Dylan and many, many more.  I can just close my eyes and picture cruising the windy roads in Northern MN in the backseat while my dad is playing drums on the dashboard and singing along.  He would always quiz me on the band and the song name.  One of my favorites today that came from my father is Jackson Browne.

After elementary school, my father wasn't super proud of the music choices I decided on.  I wrote about that here when I talked about "rap crap."  It's one of my dad's favorite blog posts too.  These two songs might be total opposites, but they both remind me of middle school.  The first for the obvious reasons of my rap obsession and the second because Now & Then was my favorite movie and I was constantly searching for friends that could help me recreate the movie... problem was, everyone wanted to be Christina Ricci's character and that didn't work for me (thank you Devon Sawa.)

High school was a little all over the board for me.  I loved just about every kind of music.  It's hard to think of any songs that really stick out for me.  College was a lot of the same, but there are two songs that always make me think of my roommates and I can't help but smile every time I hear them.

Like I said, I'm a little all over the map.  Since graduating college, I've found a few songs that I could listen to over and over again because they just "sing" to me.  They remind me of some important lessons.  I could say that they are a few of my favorites.

Last, but not least, there are a few songs that involve a full jam out/dance session where I play musical instruments and sing at the top of my lungs... and I will never get sick of them.

So there it is.  Hope you're jamming out.  Can't wait to read everyone else's.

Helene in Between


  1. OH Mase!! that definitely takes me back - I love your list! Mine was kinda all over the place too, but I like that! I appreciate people who can love all genres, like us!

  2. I have a love for Jackson Browne from my dad too!

  3. I like the all over the map stuff. It means you have lots of opinions and tastes and you're probably someone who could have a good time at whatever concert you went to!

  4. I am all over the map with my tastes but I lack the knowledge of music. Envious of people who have that passion.

  5. OMG I had the Now and Then soundtrack and I was obsessed with it. None of my friends thought it was as cool as I did!

  6. haha yes this is great, i love Kesha, i had a tough time not putting her on mine! and love Stevie wonder!

  7. I really love how everyone's lists are pretty eclectic. I love a lot of the songs on here :) Stevie RULES.

  8. I totally dropped the ball on this linkup. Shit.

    My parents always listened to the oldies station when we were kids, and they controlled the radio, not like today where my nephews force my sister to put on the kids Sirius station. Awful.

    I have a huge appreciation of motown, Elvis, etc. and know the words to so many of the songs because that is all that was ever on in the car or at home.

  9. I used to get so angry that my mom wasn't a "cool mom" and let me listen to my stations when I had friends in the car. She listened to Oldies 98. And now, one of the things I am most grateful for is that very thing. I appreciate GOOD music! Love me the classics.

    And the Now & Then soundtrack... ahhh, one of the best! I got drunk and sang 'Band of Gold' on karaoke night on my honeymoon. Ha!


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