September 26, 2013

Autumn List

Fall is here.  This picture was from last October and it makes me so happy.  I just fall in line with the millions of people that love this season.  Not a pumpkin fan though... sorry.  Since I love lists and I love fall (plus, I didn't have much to write about) I decided to make a list of things I want to do this fall.

1.  Visit the Pumpkin Patch.  Our friends are the owners of the Anoka County Farms and we love visiting them each year.  If you live in the Twin Cities, this is a great place to bring the kids.  We will be heading there with our nieces soon.

2.  Visit an Apple Orchard.  There are so many beautiful Apple Orchards around here and we haven't ever done that together.  It might be a fun week night activity for us when we need a break from the craziness of our house.

3.  Go to Oktoberfest.   Lots of these happening right now and I need to partake in the festivities.  My dad's family is very German and I need to embrace everything about it.  Beer, Beer, Beer.

4.  Win my Diet Bet.  Just need to lose 4% of my total weight.  I know I just pretty much sang about beer in the last item, but I think one (or three) beers won't totally set me back.

5.  Spend lots of time with friends & family.  We are leaving Minnesota sometime in the next two months.  We want to spend as much time as we can with friends & family.

6.  Have a bonfire.  We have a really special fire ring (story some other day) that we have barely used.  We will be passing it off to a friend, so I want to use it one more time before we hand it over.

7.  Find a new apartment.  We are doing a little apartment hunting next week and I'm so excited to find a place that will become home.

8.  Rework my 30 Before 30 List.  There will be a few things that will become extremely difficult with our move coming up, so I will be editing just a few items on the current list.

9.  Celebrate 2 weddings, one baby shower, a brand new nephew and a few special birthdays.  We have a few really fun things to celebrate with friends and family before we leave including a brand new nephew making his debut in late October.

10.  Wear flannel, boots, scarves and love every second of the changing leaves and the beautiful weather.

Last, but not least...


There it is.  A few fun things and a few things we don't really have a choice but to get done.  As crazy as life is, I enjoy taking a little time each evening (or something lunch hour) writing on this blog and it has been great to make time.  I can't thank you all enough for all the kind words and awesome advice.

I leave you today with some of my favorite pictures from fall last year.


  1. I am so grateful to have a season in between summer and winter! The colors of fall cannot be beat! I am heading to an apply orchard in two weeks and I am excited!

  2. love this list!! there are always so many fun things to do in the fall!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I should make a list.

    I'm excited to wear boots and scarves but I'm hanging on to the sunshine we've been having.

  4. Well, can I count as the friends you need to spend time with? And just come enjoy all these festivals and pumpkins, and bonfires with you? Awesome list :)

  5. Oh my gosh your fall pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

    I love your fall list!

    I grew up around pumpkin patches and apple orchards but have never included them in my fall activities - where have I been all my life?!?

  6. This is an awesome list! Especially the Oktoberfest part :)

  7. Your pictures are beautiful! I am living vicariously through them since we don't have pretty leaves that change color in So Cal

  8. Gorgeous fall pics!
    We went out to Minnetonka Orchards out in Minnetrista a couple of years ago for family pics. Beautiful and HUGE place.
    If you haven't been, try to get out there before the move.

  9. Amazing fall photos!!!

    Love your list.

    And please do share the fire ring story.

    Have a great weekend!


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