August 26, 2013

The Great Minnesota Sweat Together

I stole that line from one of my friends yesterday.  State fairs are the best.  It is a day to indulge in all things crazy and ridiculous.  We made the plan a couple weeks ago to gather a group of friends for a Sunday morning rendezvous at the fair.  Sure enough, the heat index was in the 100's, but we frolicked through the fairgrounds and did all the things we wanted to do while there.

We started the day with breakfast beers (to stay cool of course.)  We walked around and checked out a few of the buildings with exhibits.  We headed to the Leinie's stage for the free concert of the morning.  It was the Stella's featuring their daughters Lennon & Maisy... you may know them from this:

They were so good together and their parents are quite talented as well.  Can't beat free music.  After the concert, we entertained ourselves with some picture taking.

We made it to the Ball Park Cafe at noon to try the mini donut beer.  It was really good, but we shared one glass between 8 of us and that was plenty.  We watched some karaoke and took a break from the sun.

We finished off the afternoon with a trip through the air conditioned haunted house and a long, hot walk to the car.  Now, the most important part about the state fair is the food.  That is why we go in a big group.  I don't get to try too much because I don't eat meat, but there are still plenty of options for the vegetarians.

Our group this year ate:  veggie pie, hot dish on a stick, chocolate covered fruit, smoothies, cheese curds, Lingonberry Lefse, deep fried Twinkie, turkey leg, bull bites (which my husband told Kirsten were testicles - real mature), veggie bowl, Sweet Martha's cookies, deep fried olives, pork chop on a stick, Chinese food on a stick, mini donuts, french fries and s'mores.  For some reason, I wasn't very good at taking pictures of food, unless Brent was eating it - he was my food model.

My personal favorite was the veggie pie.  The bread on the bottom was amazing and the black olives were easy to pick off.  I hate black olives (I think they taste like blood.)

We had so much fun this year despite the heat.  I'm still amazed that we were able to coordinate as many fun people as we could.  Everyone is so busy that it's hard to get a big group together.  Love these people.

I rushed home from the fair to find out that my fantasy football dreams came true.  I was first pick which means I GOT MY FAVORITE VIKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I sucked at the rest of the draft, but I'm excited to chat with these ladies a little more as we battle through the football season.  Even though I only know Kroy Biermann because of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I think my team name is pretty awesome "I want a Bier-mann."  I came up with that all my own.  My back up name was "ponder that" but I wasn't going to pick Ponder as my main QB, so it seemed weird.

Another great weekend (well, great Sunday but who is keeping track.)  I'm still smiling about the NSYNC reunion and the fact that everything about Justin Timberlake screams cool.

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  1. Looks like fun!! Love that last pic of you :)

  2. I LOVE the fair! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. Deep fried olives? I want them. I love fair food.

  4. Deep fried olives sound amazing. I mean, really, is there anything that doesn't taste delicious deep fried? I think no.

  5. So awesome you got to see the little girls from Nashville! They are so talented!

  6. I am so glad all your friends were able to get together!! EEEEK i love fairs, too bad i missed ours!

    ALSO, can we please talk about how you had entire paragraph devoted to what you ate!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  7. Yay for fairs! So cool that you saw the Stellas!

    I hate black olives, too. My husband doesn't understand this. He says "but you like salt and they're so salty." Um... ok?

    Nice FF team name! My blogger league draft is tonight. Since I have no idea who I might get, my team name is currently "To Be Named Later." LOL

  8. Hahahaha you cracked me up with that team name. Clever clever. And props for knowing his last name, because I didn't. Only Kim's. Ha

  9. So much food!! I'm impressed that you kept track of all of the food you all ate.
    Black olives taste like blood! Blech!! That is so gross and so true.

  10. Hey! Fellow Minnesotan here :) You had so much food!!! Jealous. We didn't eat nearly enough. I want to try mini donut beer!

  11. You saw Lennon & Maisy!? So jealous!!

    And I had no idea that was you with the first pick! Game on, friend.


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