August 1, 2013

Right Now - August Edition

Oh hey, it's August.  Summer is flying by, but that's OK because I have vacation soon and a fun month planned with lots of family time and weekends near lakes when I can soak in everything I love about MN summers.

Reading - I'm working on a summer reading challenge through Goodreads, so I'm getting ready to start a few different books that I'm excited about.

Eating - Celery and peanut butter is my favorite snack right now.  I also recently had my first food truck experience.  YES I KNOW, how dare I not eat at a food truck before now?!?!?  In case you haven't noticed, most of the food is meat so I haven't rushed to try one.  They have them parked in downtown St Paul during music in the park and one of them had a black bean quinoa burger and I jumped on it and loved every last second of it.

Watching - Orange is the New Black is my most recent obsession.  I was trying to hold off as long as I could, but I finally watched the first 2 episodes last night with J.  So good.

Missing - Katie.  She travels for work and has been filling up her time on weekends with camping and cabins and we haven't seen her as much this summer.  It is her birthday on Friday and she'll be out of town this weekend, but we have plans next week.  I'm pretty excited about the birthday gift I found for her though, so I'm excited to celebrate with her.

Anticipating - CALIFORNIA.  We have made all the travel arrangements now and we have a resort in Tahoe and plans in San Francisco.  By plans, I mean playing with the cutest puppy in all of California with Heather obviously (the boys can tag along too).  Go ahead, be super jealous now.

Wishing for - weather like this all month long.  A few minutes of rain and then long afternoons and evenings with sunshine and seventies.  Also, wishing everyone in J's family a happy anniversary this month.  It's so crazy but all 4 couples in his family got married in the month of August so there is a lot of love to celebrate.  Plus, we have a few friends celebrating their first anniversary's this month.

Drinking - Water, water and more water.  And wine of course, but I've been trying so hard to drink water all day long.

Laughing at - my new favorite YouTube channel, Baracksdubs.  There are about a million, but this one got Justin laughing so hard yesterday when the morning show played it.  Amazing.  Also, everything that Jimmy Fallon does.  I just love him.

Loving - the fact that today is the first day that marriage is legal for EVERYONE in Minnesota.  Like Midnight, people at city hall - the Minneapolis Mayor is officiating 42 weddings.  I'm so excited that so many couples will be celebrating this month.  

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Beginning - so many new projects at work and a serious clean up effort at home.  I also just realized that I said we were beginning project declutter last month - but I'm for real this time.  3 days and going strong.  

Listening to - my random July playlist, because I love country music in the summer and then I found an article with new Minnesota bands to listen to... just random.


  1. Bill Clinton has me in tears at my desk. Thank you

  2. LOVE that first picture, so beautiful! And, I'm BIG TIME jealous you are headed to Tahoe and San Fran...two of my very favorite places!!

  3. Found your blog because we seem to comment on many of the same ones :)

    Black bean burgers are so yum and I bet even better from a food truck. And GO MINNESOTA! Texas has a l-o-n-g way to go til we get to that point!

  4. The Bill Clinton video is hilarious! I might have to steal it! HAHAHA! Love that lake picture, absolutely gorgeous and peaceful!

  5. I do eat meat but I adore black bean burgers. And food trucks.

    I have GOT to get on watching Orange is the New Black.

    Thrilled for Minnesota legalizing gay marriage!!

  6. Food trucks are a staple of Philadelphia living. It's like a rite of passage, or something.

    So proud of MN, just wish more states would follow!

    Love me some Bill Clinton.

  7. Wonderful photos and a great list! I hope you have a fantastic August. Enjoy vacation and your other plans.

  8. Oh god, thank you for the Bill Clinton video. That just made my day. I heart him.

    Wild was good, if a bit slow at times. I will have to check the other two out.

    Grand Rapids is seriously lacking in the food trucks as well.

  9. YAY marriage for all in MN!

    Very excited for your San Fran trip. We really loved it there last year. Really really.

    Thank you. You just made me pick up my water glass. I am slacking badly today.

  10. Yummmm to that burger! I could seriously go for one.. my lunch is not cutting it today. But alas, I will just keep chugging the water, too! Lol

  11. I just saw Shovels & Rope at First Ave. last month. I've been totally obsessed with them ever since!

  12. I am loving Orange is the New Black as well! so funny! You picked a great time to come to SF. Hopefully as we head into fall, the weather will get nicer.


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