August 22, 2013

Random Q&A Session

Today is a great day to answer some random questions.  My friend, Jen, sent me some questions to answer and I'm such a good sport.  Here is her blog - you better go and say hi.

1.  What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
My dad got a line from his father that is also floating around in the back of my head.  "Don't sweat the small stuff and it's almost all small stuff."  The best marriage advice I received was from Justin's sister.  "Always give each other your best, not what you have left over at the end of the day."

2.  Blogs I'm loving right now?
I really love the money saving adventures of Sallie and Perkins over at Love, Fun & Football.  I constantly stalk Alexa's blog, Southern Living Our Way, for recipes and stories of Holly.  I get my sports knowledge and daily laughs from Venus Trapped in Mars.  Playlists are now a weekly thing from Miss Helene herself at Helene in Between, plus she was one of the first blogs I ever followed and definitely something I read every day.  Listing out all the blogs I love would take me forever.  I will say that I tend to stick with people that seem like me because it's easy for me to relate.

3.  How did your blog come about?
I've always enjoyed writing and keeping track of my adventures.  I started this blog and it was on my 30 before 30 list to stick with it until I had 10,000 page views.  I thought I would have to click on my own blog the week before my 30th birthday to make my goal.  Instead, I've discovered this community of people that are hilarious and amazing.  So many amazing travel adventures, funny dog moments, funny lists that trump the stuff on Buzzfeed (unless you are on Buzzfeed.)  I just love being a part of it now and putting my own story down to reread later.

4.  Favorite thing to do in my spare time?
Reading and lounging tops the list.  I could sit in a hammock with a pillow and a book all day long.

5.  Something people don't know about me?
Did you know that I'm allergic to cats?  Did you know that I still have to put out my hands to know left from right?  Did you know that I've never had a tattoo or a piercing?  Now you do.  Also, you're welcome for this picture.  I found it tonight and I don't know what I was doing, but I think it explains a lot.

6.  Who inspires me?
My friends and family.  I have such inspiring people in my life that inspire me to be a better person every single day.  I'm a very lucky girl.

Is it Friday yet?


  1. I'm sorry you can never be a crazy cat lady :( I'm sure you're devastated

  2. I allergic to cats and dogs...but I have a dog. lol

  3. Ah, reading and lounging. Love it, and would love to be DOING it. Right now.

    My husband also has to use his hands to tell right from left, but he throws around north, south, east and west with no problem and my brain doesn't work that way. LOL

  4. Love that pic with the hammock...looks like heaven!

  5. I'm going Jen's questions tomorrow but I cheated and used other 6 things questions too because I am a cheater.

    I cannot tell left from right without putting my hands out and making Ls.

    Great wedding advice!

  6. That hammock looks heavenly. It's alright that you still can't tell left from right...I still have to do math with my fingers!


  7. haha- I always hold my hands up like I'm holding a pencil to see which one is my right/left.

  8. If you get to read/blog on that hammock I think an invite would be nice. Just sayin'.

    Also, L/R woes are for everyone. I once looked at a shoe in Target for a good two minutes before I realized it was the left, and I was trying to put it on the right.


  9. Me toooo on the left and right! Excited to tell my husband that I'm not the only adult who does that!

  10. I still don't know right from left either - no shame! Also I love the marriage advice, that's good stuff.

  11. Damn it, the ad that popped up when I scrolled down to comment was an Alex and Ani bracelet. It's like they KNOW I am trying not to spend money but am a sucker for these damn bracelets.

    I am with you on the cat allergy. I recently found out that I have a mild allergy to dogs as well. Wtf.

  12. Um hi, you're the freaking most amazing bestest. Looooove you! Thank you for being such a sweet friend!

    And cat allergies unite! Even though we still plan to get one one day, and I'm allergic to dogs and OBVIOUSLY snuggle one for about 23 hours every day.. :)

  13. Love that advice about marriage -- saving that one! :) So good!

    And this other stuff was just fun! Great getting to know you a little better, Steph! :)



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