August 6, 2013

Project Declutter

Justin and I recently made a promise to each other to really work on less clutter in our house.  We have lived there for 4 years and it's amazing the amount of stuff you can accumulate in that time.  We also brought a lot of things from the past with us when we moved in.  College dishes, mismatched furniture, childhood sports memorabilia, so many blankets, holiday decor, just stuff.  It's exhausting trying to keep a house clean when you have so much crap everywhere.

3 GIGANTIC BAGS from my closet & Justin's
I'm no expert at this, but there are a few things that I've discovered as I tackle one closet at a time and I thought I would share my findings and my advice.
  • If you run out of hangers, don't buy more, just get rid of things.  I found shirts in my closet that I've never worn.  There was no reason to add any hangers.
  • Clothes from high school should not still be in your wardrobe when you reach your 10 year reunion (except your favorite sweatshirt - that doesn't ever have to go.)
  • I am not a trinket person.  I should not buy trinkets on vacation.  SAVE THE MONEY.
  • There is no need to hoard candles, they will still be making them when yours has burned out.
  • Donate books to the library if you didn't like them the first time.  What makes you think you're going to read them again?
  • Don't keep your special wine glasses for special occasions.  Get rid of the cheap ones and use the nice ones for your daily weekly happy hour.  You deserve to use nice things.
  • 2 people will never need 15 towels.
  • If you have doubles of pictures, mail the 2nd copy to the other person in the picture.  You will never use them at the same time and your friend will be excited to get mail.
  • Reuse gift bags.  Don't buy any new ones until you've used all the ones in your closet - I bet no one cares if their birthday gift is in a wedding-esque bag as long as you got them something cool. (sorry Dad)
  • The only things I should keep a "stock" of:  toothbrushes, cards - birthdays, anniversaries, random occasions, furnace filters, apple chargers and blank CD's (you never know when you need a new mix tape.)
Trust me, this hasn't been the easiest project for me.  I was really sad to get rid of my size 2 jeans, but there are just things that will NEVER be needed again.  The main closets, the dresser and the nightstands are completed.  We have one more closet upstairs with pajamas and bridesmaids dresses that I will be working on this week and then we move downstairs.  That closet also has my wedding dress, so you know what that means.


Have you done a project declutter at your house?  Any advice for me?


  1. OK my dear, I'm going to take your advice because I'm definitely a hoarder. I get sad giving things away though, like they wont' go to a good home? I'm stupid.

  2. um you know how i know we are best friends?! BECAUSE WE HAD THE SAME WEDDING DRESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  3. the hanger one is REALLY good. i need to write this all down and just stick to it!

  4. Sometimes I just wear my wedding dress around my house. No lie. hahahahaha

    This is an awesome post. I think a lot of people have issues getting rid of stuff.

    I have issues stocking a lot of stuff that I do not need to stock. I am at the store every week.

  5. I need to declutter in the worst way. My daughter and I moved into a 1 bedroom townhouse following my divorce...and well I had my 8th grade graduation dress up until a few months ago.....I think I smell a weekend project :)

  6. A good decluttering is good for the soul. Something about cleaning out useless crap just feels good.

    I totally agree with the hanger rule. I also started forcing myself to get rid of one (or more) thing every time I buy something. If something comes in the closet, something has to come out.

    The wine glasses is a good one too. I just got rid of about 15 random ones that we got from wine tastings that are too small, have winery names on them, etc. and we never used.

  7. I love all of this. Except the towels. 15 is clearly not enough for us because we somehow NEVER have clean ones. Something about having to do laundry or something...

  8. Why have I never thought of the hanger thing before?! Literally that is the smartest advice I have ever gotten when cleaning. I need to declutter all my things from my college dorm! These tips are going to help.

    xo. Kailagh

  9. I despise clutter and for the most part don't have much of it...other than in my closet. I just can't part with my clothes!


  10. I am a clutterer and my husband is not, so his side of the closet is super neat and mine is ... not. These are great tips. I need to get motivated to use some of them!

  11. OMG I just told a coworker that "Memories are in people, not things" an hour ago and she gave me the worst death stare because clearly she disagrees. It is so nice to purge sometimes, though! I too threw away my teeny sized jeans the other day and it was hard for half a second but then I forgot about it!

  12. Oh man, the hangers. When I run out I just steal from James... and then he buys more hangers. We're going to be househunting soon so I keep thinking about tackling my closet & our junk drawer (seriously, how much junk can one drawer hold?!?) but just the thought is daunting!

  13. I feel like Rob and I clear out our clothes at least twice a year- YET we always have SO MUCH.
    I dressed up in my wedding dress a couple of years ago for the Oscar's. I also have always wantted to have a wedding dress party.. How fun would that be!?! Although, having popped out my first baby five months ago.. I'm afraid my beautiful dress would not fit me. (Give it another year and I'll try it out.)
    It's amazing how much crap you can accumulate in such a short period of time!! Good on you for getting rid of it!

  14. my apartment is a mess, so i can't help you declutter. i can, however, tell you that my personal motto is to celebrate whenever you can, so i'm right beside you with only using the nice wineglasses/china/best of everything :)

  15. That's a really inspiring idea I might need to do in my room at my parent's house in Germany one day.... but for now, I used to live in a tiny room in London, where you just have no opportunity to collect so many things^^ Just one thing... I cannot throw paper away if there isn't written sth on both sides...Otherwise I just think it's wasted, but somehow I collect more old paper with just one side written than I can use o.O XD


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