August 13, 2013

Project Declutter - Part 2

First of all, let me just say that I'm ecstatic that I made it to part 2 of this project declutter.  Another week of getting rid of the clutter.  It isn't any easier to do, but we are making SO MUCH PROGRESS. Did you miss last week?  Check out Part One.

I would love to say that we've moved past the bedroom, but not quite yet.  We have 3 closets in our master bedroom.  It is a blessing and a curse.  It enables us to keep WAY TOO MUCH CRAP.  Someone coming over last minute??  Stick it in the back of the closet.  I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I just need it to stop.  I wish I could say that I was starting with this...

Nope, mine didn't have cute, trendy dresses and awesome shoes... our third closet was for pajamas, sweat shirts and clothes we don't wear often (suits, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, jerseys.)  I'm proud to say that we cleared another 3 HUGE bags from that closet.  Here is what we learned this time around:
  • When you are 28, it is probably time to get some nice clothes.  It's OK to buy something that isn't on the clearance rack.  It should fit and you should love it - then you will actually wear it.
  • Having between 35-40 pairs of sweat pants just isn't necessary... like at all.  It's especially not necessary when you're trying to be more classy.
  • Don't buy home decor because it's on sale and is the color scheme you like.  You will end up with way too many blue vases and candle holders and it will never look right.
  • It's OK to own a shirt that says "I love Santa" but you should just keep it with the Xmas decorations.
  • When you get rid of a phone, throw away/donate all the accessories.  It's easy to overlook them sometimes.
  • Do you have dogs?  I dare you to comb your carpet with your fingers - it might make you want to get your carpets cleaned more often and get your vacuum serviced.
  • Be careful when you think you're donating.  Read the fine print.  Some places are "for profit" and you just want to make sure that you are giving them to the right places.
  • Feeling attached to t-shirts??  Make a t-shirt quilt.
  • Empty shelves and empty hangers make you a happier person.  You will feel so much cleaner and happier.
Another 3 full bags of clothes has been donated.  We've thrown away a few pillows that needed to go as well as a few dog beds.  Given away some Blackberry accessories that were at least 3 years old.  Finally got all the t-shirts together to make my quilt.  

So much space now.  It's nothing glamorous, but it's our 3rd closet and we don't have to fill it up.  We've cleared out at least 2/3 of the stuff that we had and it feels amazing.  My husband was able to go and buy two new pairs of jeans that were a few sizes smaller (he's a P90X graduate) and have hangers to put them on.  The best part about starting with the upstairs...


Yes, we've lived there for 4 years and done a little work upstairs including a bathroom remodel, but we've never been able to decide on a paint color and bedding.  Well, BOOM.  We have been taping, painting and doing things the right way for the last 3 days and it feels good.  I can't wait to be done, but it's worth every paint spot on my skin and every hour that we've spent rolling paint on the walls.

See that blue on the walls?  It's gone.  See that freshly painted fireplace??  I LOVE IT.

Don't worry, Lola has been supervising and it's hard work.

To recap: bedroom is being completely overhauled with new electrical outlets, vents, freshly painted trim, freshly painted walls, cleaned out closets and an upcoming trip to pick up new sheets.  Also, I did wear my wedding dress again this weekend :)  I loved the comments last week letting me know that you've all done the same.  

Next step: the main floor - kitchen, office, guest room and living room.  This will require wine and good smelling candles (I'm easy to please.)

Also, a reminder that tomorrow is my gratitude link up, so join me if you're interested.

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  1. Oh man I LOVE the feeling of a clean closet! I recently just threw all the clothes that needed to be hung up onto the top of my dresser (which is not in the closet) and I loved the view so much, I kept doing it!

    However, that DOES leave the clothes on the dresser in the middle of the bedroom... which I will eventually get back to.

    You go girl!

  2. Sounds like you're doing great! This is seriously such a great reminder for me and we are working to declutter home to

  3. I need to take ALL of this advice! Seriously inspired to get rid of some junk.

  4. You're doing great! Can't wait to see your newly painted digs.

  5. Glad you guys have made some serious progress! I....may or may not have dropped the ball on this one. And then had a cousin give me a whole trash bag filled with hand me downs for my daughter. Must. Clean. Out.

  6. I love the realization that you deserve better quality stuff. I have been working on that with making purchases for my husband and I lately and while it is sometimes hard to pull the trigger, we keep better stuff around so much longer!

  7. Love all of these suggestions and I'm excited to see the color! The crisp white fireplace looks amazing.

    Empty shelves and hangers is such a good feeling. I recently cleaned the shit out of the pantry and it looks so nice with an empty shelf!

  8. You are making TONS of progress- keep it up!!! :) Totally jealous you have three closets AND a fireplace in your master bedroom!! I really need to get back on board and declutter some more myself... Jared is a packrat so it's easier to do when he's not home ;)

  9. I just did a deep cleaning of my car and I feel so great about it. Even though it's not a fun task to deep clean anything, the feeling of accomplishment afterward feels great!

  10. Three closets is just asking for trouble!! I can't imagine how much crap I would keep with all of that space! I think that's why we are always going through our stuff, because we are so limited for space. Good job on clearing out the mess! I love the lessons you learned.. All valid lessons to live by! I thought the comment about it being okay to buy nice clothes at 28 is okay. I am so that person. !!

  11. Good job! But stop reminding me that I haven't yet touched my closet. ;)

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