August 21, 2013

Happy Happy Happy (Insta-Gratitude Week 34)

There are so many reasons to be happy this week, every week.  Sometimes it's hard to find them, but this week was not one of those for me.  There might some new people here this week thanks to the sweetest notes from Alexa and Tami, so welcome.  Those are two of my favorite bloggers so if you haven't checked them out, you are welcome :)

First of all, it's hump day.  If you haven't seen the most amazing commercial ever, watch here please.  Second of all, there are some super exciting things coming up for us the rest of this year and I'm just a happy girl.  One example, I just bought The Head and The Heart tickets for October - awesome.  Third... it's my 5 year anniversary next week.  I didn't have Pinterest or even understand what "wedding wednesday" was 5 years ago, so I'm going to share some of my favorite wedding things over the next week.  But, let's get to my gratitude for the last week.

I rode my bike home last week.  It's 8 miles and I get to cross the Mississippi and go around the lake and through the U of M campus.  It's a beautiful ride.  I love how bike friendly the Twin Cities are.

Some days, I am extremely grateful that this is how I begin and end the day.  Plus, I love trying new beer.

The cabin, the lake, the dogs that are all best friends.  How could you not be grateful for this setting?

These are 2 of my best friends, Brady & Kelsey.  They pretty much had us at their bed & breakfast this weekend because they wouldn't take our assistance with breakfast (other than pouring mimosas) so we were more than spoiled.

My mom.  It was her birthday this week and I am so grateful for her and the awesome relationship we have.  It is fun all the time and Sunday was nothing short of that.

Don't worry Declutter fans.  I will have more updates next week, but I was super excited that I finished a project with my wedding cards that didn't end in me throwing them away.  Plus, how cute is this card?

Last but not least, I am grateful for the time spent on the first step of my t-shirt quilt.  I'm so lucky to have a friend that is willing to help me and get better with her sewing machine.  This is quite the project, but I'm so excited to see the final product.

Next week, the gratitude link up will still be here, but it will feature some of the best things about being married.  If you can't handle the suspense, make sure you follow me on instagram @stephgregerson

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  1. Love the view of the pups and lake. Riding 8 miles is so awesome- I wish I could do that to work! That's really impressive!

  2. I love that you can bike to and fro. Philadelphia is freaking insane for bikers and they're hated here.

    Still jealous over your fabulous lake setting. I'm taking my dogs up to my aunt's this weekend so they can see their dog friends!

  3. look at you riding 8 miles! That's amazing!!

  4. Holy moly great week! Beginning with coffee and ending with the best beer ever is just about all I need too.

    AND you got to celebrate a Mom's Birthday?! Girl. You rocked it out this week!

  5. The puppy picture is amazing!

    I am both happy and sad that I did not have Pinterest while planning a wedding. It is probably for the best!

  6. Jealous you get to go see The Head and the Heart! I saw them open for the Decemberists a few years ago and have been dying to see them live again!!

  7. What wonderful things to be grateful for this week! There's nothing better than starting off with coffee and ending the day with a beer.

    All that scenery you get to take in is amazing. I used to fear for my life when I would ride my bike to work when I lived I center city Philly.

  8. Happy to find you through Tami and I linked up today! I think a weekly (if not daily!) dose of gratitude is an awesome idea!!

  9. Love the pic of your dogs! I want to link up about weddings and gratitude, too. What a great idea!

  10. Love the idea of taking some time to be grateful for things in your life!

    Also, coffee and beer are definitely great ways to start and end a day.

  11. I like how you do this once a week...more people would be doing better if they just took a sec. to reflect every once in awhile. Virtual high five for five years!


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