August 7, 2013

Get Happy (Insta-Gratitude Week 32)

People all around me lately have been talking about the search for happiness.  One of my favorite website is Tiny Buddha - Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives.  I have a list posted many places in my day to day life with the 10 ways to get happy (article here.)  Looking for somewhere to start?  Having a bad day?  Making a decision?  I just glance at this list.

I struggle a little with the "change & adapt" because when I run into moments when I don't have any control, I get extremely anxious, but I'm working on it.  Documenting my daily gratitude doesn't clearly fit in any of those categories, but I also feel like it fits in all of those categories.  It reminds me every day to think of what makes me really happy.  

Without further ado, here are the things I was grateful for this last week:

Dogs, dogs and more dogs.  I was grateful for a dog filled happy hour last week, a nice long car ride home from Iowa with well behaved dogs and cuddling dogs during a thunderstorm.

Nieces.  Kenzy was so brave at the amusement park on Saturday in her big puffy pink skirt on the trampoline.  Plus, Kennedy taking a quick second to love on Uncle Justin - something she doesn't do too often because she's constantly on the move - it's enough to melt your heart.

Lake Okoboji.  It's always beautiful and always feels like a summertime home.  So welcoming.

Spending an evening doing a walk/run of the lake with my mom (yes, that is 2 blocks from my house and I LOVE it) was perfect and just what the doctor ordered.  Then, after a weekend full of chocolate chip cookies and junk food at grandma's, we started the week with a juice cleanse and felt amazing.  If you're looking for one to try, we do just a one day Suja Juice cleanse.

That's my week.  Come and link up and tell me what you were grateful for this week.

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  1. I freaking love the Tiny Buddha site.

    That photo of your niece jumping is a total framer. I adore it.

  2. This is awesome! I started posting one thing that made me happy on each blog post. :)

  3. Dogs bring so much joy to life. I love the 10 ways to get happy...sometimes we need to remember happiness is a choice and something that must be worked at!


  4. I am very very grateful for my dog! it has been too long since i've seen him!

  5. i am really grateful for dogs and my niece too :)

  6. So jealous that you have something so gorgeous close by! I love this link-up - I will have to remember to play along one day soon!

  7. Ahhh I couldn't find the time to get on board with gratitude Wednesday this week, but I LOVE all of this. I bet I used to run by your house when I lived by Larprenteur and Lexington. That lake was my happy place!

  8. Okay, MY heart melted with that picture of Kennedy hugging Justin.. and I don't even know them!! LOL Soooo sweet. I love seeing little girls snuggle up to dads or uncles or grandpas..
    I love all the things you were grateful for.. Your pups, your peeps and a niiice ass place to spend some time. OH- also I love drives. Road trips are the best!
    I think I might have to link up this week... I'll get brainstorming..!

  9. i've been exploring happiness with a series on random acts of happiness- you might like it :) here is a post i did on a naked-cake party:

  10. I always leave this post feeling better about life in general :) That first list is SO good, definitely saving/pinning that for future happies!!

  11. I love the happy ideas! I need to hang this somewhere.
    Your nieces are darling...and the lake - ooooo, ahhhhh!!!!
    Have a great rest of the week.

  12. Ooooh so pretty views! Insanely jealous of your puppy lovin time too... if you're looking to share I'll be waiting in PA.

  13. dogs, dogs dogs!! im grateful for those too!!

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