August 9, 2013

A Badass Unicorn

Dear Class of 2003 - I hope the reunion this weekend is a blast.  I will not be attending because we are celebrating a big birthday for my mother in law, also my high school bestie is getting married in October, so I will get to see all my favorites then.  This is my commitment that I'll make it to the fifteen year reunion.  Trish & Erin - I will set up Happy Hour with you both soon and you can fill me in on all the fun.  (also the #tbt photos this week have been awesome.)

Dear Mama Rhonda - I hope you enjoy your birthday party this weekend.  I hope family pictures turn out beautifully with all the nieces smiling huge.  You are the sweetest person and I'm so lucky to have you as my second mom.  

Dear Lindsay Lohan - Here I am... routing for you again.  I think this is the last time that you have my support.  You must do more cheesy movies.

Dear Weather - Thank you for being so amazing.  Every single day has been beautiful and comfortable.  Our windows are open and the sun has been out every day.  Such a good August.

Dear MN State Fair - I can't wait for you to be here.  Bring on the matching family outfits, fanny packs, food on a stick, the big slide and all the fun that is the best state fair in the whole world (sorry Helene)  So many calories, so much fun.

Dear Kirsten - I love that you are able to find something that your family and mine can eat.  No gluten, dairy, meat or sugar.  You are quite creative and that's why I love you.

Dear Friday - Thank you for arriving this week after what felt like an eternity.  Busy, busy, busy week at work with lots of things happening.  I am ready to jam the eff out... in other words, be a badass unicorn.

Happy weekend friends.



  1. My heart is smiling and my azz is jamming.
    You are such a gem.

  2. That throwback picture is amazing. As is the LL Parent Trap gif. Fun fact, I can legit quote probably the first 20 minutes of that movie without missing a word. Yeahhh, it was/is one my favorites lol!

  3. haha a bad ass unicorn, amazing

  4. dear steph, you will always be a badass unicorn to me.

    ps - I miss you
    pps - 23 days, let's plan some shit

  5. Happy Friday!
    I have the MN State Fair on my list of state fairs to attend...someday. Have a great time!

  6. Dear Steph,
    I finally found a Caramello today. I bought it. Then I ate it. In about 4 seconds flat.

  7. Love that unicorn pic!

    Sorry you'll miss your reunion - I've loved all of mine, but I rarely get to see anyone outside of reunions so it's very fun for me.

    The decline of Lindsay Lohan has been very sad for me and I can't handle seeing her anymore.

  8. I missed my 10 year reunion too, and was super bummed. But facebook has totally changed reunions, dont you think?

    And I'm totally rooting for Lindsey again too. Did you see her on Chelsea Handler? She was kind of awesome.

  9. Sad you had to miss your 10yr reunion :( Mine is coming up - 10 years went by so fast!

    Aaaaand I agree - yay for the weekend!

  10. I don't even think we had a 10 year reunion. Or a 15.

    Awesome throwback pic!


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