August 30, 2013

5 Years of Amazing

It is a little crazy how the time really does fly by when you're having fun.  Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary.  This seems to be quite the popular time of year to get married.  The sun is out and the weather is beautiful.  Congrats to all of our friends that are celebrating their first anniversaries this year. Keep having fun and enjoying every second.

We got married before Pinterest existed, before I understood that there was something called "wedding Wednesday" and before I really took advantage of this online space to share all the special details.  We had the most beautiful day.  We woke up the morning of our wedding in different places.  My husband was at our house with his best friends and I had spent the night at my parent's house with my best friends.  We decided on a private ceremony in my parent's backyard to keep it intimate.  

I am grateful that we have such amazing family and friends that were able to help us celebrate.  My sister in law did my hair.  My bridesmaids did my make up and helped with the flowers.  My father in law got ordained to perform our ceremony which was extremely sentimental to us.  My dad's beautiful gardens were the perfect backdrop.
We wrote our own vows together during the time that we were engaged to incorporate all of the things we wanted to promise each other.  I love that we had a private ceremony.  It was just our immediate families, grandparents and best friends at the ceremony.  My brother and my father walked me down the aisle.  We finished with a champagne toast around noon.  

I am so grateful that we were able to have grandparents at our wedding.  We are so lucky to have such good role models surrounding us.  Justin's grandparents just celebrated 62 years of marriage and my grandparents were almost to 60 years before my grandfather passed away.
I am grateful for the simplicity of everything on our wedding.  We were able to pull everything together in three months.  That was extremely important to us.  One of Justin's best friends, Travis, was fighting cancer at the time of our engagement.  We wanted him to be at our wedding and we sent the dates to his doctors at the Cancer Care Center in Tulsa, OK.  We found out 2 days before the date that it was cleared on his end and it meant the world to us that he shared this special date with us.  My husband was so happy that all of his best friends could be there to celebrate.

I am grateful for my dress, our photographer and the pure happiness that she captured every second of the day.  I was so comfortable and happy in my parent's backyard and so excited to celebrate.

I am grateful that our first niece was able to play a part in our wedding.  Kenzy was one month old and was our official flower girl.  She tells me now that she remembers our wedding day.
I am grateful for the huge open house style reception we hosted after the private ceremony.  We were able to host almost 300 family and friends.  I wish we could have invited everyone we knew, but we have large families and we were still able to celebrate with some of our oldest friends.  I'm also excited because one of these girls is getting married within the next month!!!!!
I am grateful for our wedding party.  These people have been in our lives for a long time and they have all supported our relationship and cheered us on from day one.  We are extremely blessed with amazing friends and family as a support system.
Last, but not least, I am extremely grateful for every single day I have had as a wife.  I found my person early in my life and that makes me so grateful.  Everything about us works together.  I am extremely proud of the relationship that we have.  We laugh every single day.  We have taken the advice given to us.  We give each other our best every single day.  We have really started to understand each other's signals and signs.  We are open to try things for each other.

I get emotional just thinking about the last five years and the future we have in front of us.  This song couldn't describe it any better.

I am off celebrating my anniversary with my best friend.  Hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend.  Thanks for putting up with a super long post.

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  1. Love these pictures and that song! You look so happy....happy anniversary!

  2. Oh my gahhh you just killed me with all of this! I love your wedding so, so much. I love the location, your laid back details, the photos where you clearly look so happy, all of it!

  3. Aw I love everything about this!! So gorgeous!! Happy anniversary :)

  4. I love the whole vibe of this day. I can feel the happiness radiating through the internets.

    Have a fabulous anniversary trip!

  5. Enjoy your anniversary- this wedding sounds PERFECT.

  6. you guys are so precious!! happy anniversary!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I love all the pics, but especially the one of your niece - so precious!

  8. Awww that is the song we used for our first dance! And ym father in law did our ceremony too...but he's a pastor! I love that you had a wedding at home and it was just simple and exactly what you wanted. Happy anniversary!!

    Your wedding looks wonderful.
    Wishing you many more years of happiness

  10. Happy Anniversary!!! My sister and bro in law celebrated 10 years today! Tine flies!!

  11. Aww.. I liked this post. Your wedding looked very intimate. You incorporated so much of your family in it, which makes it so special. Happy Anniversary to you.

  12. Oh girl, SERIOUSLY such a sweet post. One of my favorites you have ever written! I love how personal and intimate your wedding day was, and how many special details that meant something to you two!!


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