August 30, 2013

5 Years of Amazing

It is a little crazy how the time really does fly by when you're having fun.  Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary.  This seems to be quite the popular time of year to get married.  The sun is out and the weather is beautiful.  Congrats to all of our friends that are celebrating their first anniversaries this year. Keep having fun and enjoying every second.

We got married before Pinterest existed, before I understood that there was something called "wedding Wednesday" and before I really took advantage of this online space to share all the special details.  We had the most beautiful day.  We woke up the morning of our wedding in different places.  My husband was at our house with his best friends and I had spent the night at my parent's house with my best friends.  We decided on a private ceremony in my parent's backyard to keep it intimate.  

I am grateful that we have such amazing family and friends that were able to help us celebrate.  My sister in law did my hair.  My bridesmaids did my make up and helped with the flowers.  My father in law got ordained to perform our ceremony which was extremely sentimental to us.  My dad's beautiful gardens were the perfect backdrop.
We wrote our own vows together during the time that we were engaged to incorporate all of the things we wanted to promise each other.  I love that we had a private ceremony.  It was just our immediate families, grandparents and best friends at the ceremony.  My brother and my father walked me down the aisle.  We finished with a champagne toast around noon.  

I am so grateful that we were able to have grandparents at our wedding.  We are so lucky to have such good role models surrounding us.  Justin's grandparents just celebrated 62 years of marriage and my grandparents were almost to 60 years before my grandfather passed away.
I am grateful for the simplicity of everything on our wedding.  We were able to pull everything together in three months.  That was extremely important to us.  One of Justin's best friends, Travis, was fighting cancer at the time of our engagement.  We wanted him to be at our wedding and we sent the dates to his doctors at the Cancer Care Center in Tulsa, OK.  We found out 2 days before the date that it was cleared on his end and it meant the world to us that he shared this special date with us.  My husband was so happy that all of his best friends could be there to celebrate.

I am grateful for my dress, our photographer and the pure happiness that she captured every second of the day.  I was so comfortable and happy in my parent's backyard and so excited to celebrate.

I am grateful that our first niece was able to play a part in our wedding.  Kenzy was one month old and was our official flower girl.  She tells me now that she remembers our wedding day.
I am grateful for the huge open house style reception we hosted after the private ceremony.  We were able to host almost 300 family and friends.  I wish we could have invited everyone we knew, but we have large families and we were still able to celebrate with some of our oldest friends.  I'm also excited because one of these girls is getting married within the next month!!!!!
I am grateful for our wedding party.  These people have been in our lives for a long time and they have all supported our relationship and cheered us on from day one.  We are extremely blessed with amazing friends and family as a support system.
Last, but not least, I am extremely grateful for every single day I have had as a wife.  I found my person early in my life and that makes me so grateful.  Everything about us works together.  I am extremely proud of the relationship that we have.  We laugh every single day.  We have taken the advice given to us.  We give each other our best every single day.  We have really started to understand each other's signals and signs.  We are open to try things for each other.

I get emotional just thinking about the last five years and the future we have in front of us.  This song couldn't describe it any better.

I am off celebrating my anniversary with my best friend.  Hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend.  Thanks for putting up with a super long post.

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August 29, 2013

You Like Leggings?

Someday I will write a full post about blogging and how grateful I am at all the things I've gained as a blogger.  The very top thing is the people that I've met.  One of my favorites is the lady behind

I remember seeing her blog early this year and I had actually learned about comments.  Day after day, she writes about things that demand my reaction.  She has kind of BLOWN UP in the last few months because she's hilarious and gives girls some great advice about the world of sports and many other things that are important in life.

She has the best tutorials in all of blog land, the post that made me want to light all of the candles in my house just to fit in with those Lululemon girls (see my favorite post ever) and the drinking game that my husband and I might play every time we need something to do and we turn on baseball - baseball drinking game.  I'm sure you all know her, but I hope you love her like I do.

P.S. You like leggings?  Duh, we are best friends forever.


Hello classy readers, I'm Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars. These introductions on guest posts are always so awkward. How rude would it be in real life to not say hello, and not introduce yourself to a room full of new people? I get super uncomfortable when I'm in a group with someone I've never met, they've never met me, and no one is introducing us. Instead of paying attention to what anyone is saying I sit there and plan my attack on this new person.

It usually goes something like....

Friend: So my dog has to have surgery and he will be under the knife for several hours they are worried he may not ma-------

So anyways, hello. I'm Sarah. WHEW GLAD WE GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY.

So miss classy pants Steph has been one of my blogging friends since the day I started. She is so kind, funny and without a doubt a cool kid. I'm confident we would be best real life buds if we lived in the same city. As you know, Steph hosts a weekly linkup all about gratitude. So I want to come play and talk about 5 things I am grateful for.

1. Giraffes: Well, Steph seems to think that I have an obsession attraction to Giraffes, and her assumption is totally accurate. They are miraculous creatures full of love and lettuce. God really outdid himself with this creature,  and for that I am eternally grateful.

2. Pinterest: What things I have learned from Pinterest? All the things. I have learned all the things from Pinterest.
3. Read Receipt on iPhone: I love you read receipt people. But really, do you knowingly have read receipt turned on? Were you just hitting OK, over and over and over again during the setup process without actually reading what it was asking you? I can't fathom why you would leave that turned on, when the rest of the population turns it off for the sole purpose of pretending like their iPhone wasn't in their hands all night long. "Oh no, I didn't get that text about helping your great grandmother's dog move into his new dog house. I must not have had my phone on me for the past 76 hours."

4. Microwaves: Otherwise, I'd starve to death. On a related note, special shout out to string cheese and individual bags of baked lays. Thanks for aiding in my laziness on the daily.

5.  Leggings: How did women get so lucky? I have sweatpants that aren't as comfortable as the leggings I wear to work. Billowy tunics, leggings and tall boots with no heel at all are considered fashionable. I love how put together and stylish we can look in the fall and winter months, yet not feel an ounce of discomfort. You go Fashion coco.

Case in point. So come visit my blog! I'll be the one wearing leggings, petting the giraffe, microwaving something I saw on Pinterest and judging you for having read receipt turned on.   

Dear Venus,

You like leggings?  Duh, we are best friends forever.  

Your classy friend

Thanks for stopping by.  Tomorrow is my wedding day gratitude.  Link up with anything you are grateful for - we are keeping this happy gratitude link up going for 3 days in a row!!!!

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August 28, 2013

Day to Day Adventures (Insta-Gratitude Week 35)

This is a very special week.  At the end of this week, my husband & I will spend our five year wedding anniversary somewhere incredibly awesome.  

The truth is we celebrate our marriage every day in little tiny ways.  I recently heard a friend say that they were celebrating their "dating" anniversary and the concept seemed so foreign to me.  As cheesy as it may be, every day in our lives is a small dance party, a special occasion (because we found a new beer or saw a great movie), a "treat yoself" day or whatever tiny little thing we decide to laugh about and celebrate together.  The only date that we remember and cherish is our wedding date.

Justin has been traveling quite a bit more for work in the last year or so.  It hasn't always been the easiest, but it has made us even more grateful of the little moments we get to share.  I'm so excited about the adventures we will have in our future.  This week, I am grateful for our day to day adventures.

1 - Our friends give us the best gifts... I think they are trying to be helpful.  J was kind enough to point out that he has read his book and mine hasn't been explored past page 4.  
2 - Unexpected date nights to new places to talk about new adventures and just be happy.
3 - A patient and exciting partner in crime at the State Fair.  My husband doesn't love crowds in hot weather, but he can be a trooper and it's sooooo appreciated.
4 - Finding some wedding day messages from some of our favorite people.  

5 - Taking in our beautiful surroundings with the family - us and the pups.

6 - Cheers, chocolate and selfies (where is my hair in this picture) in the kitchen.  Sometimes we just celebrate all week long.  P.S. That is Rumchata... not milk.

7 - The first wedding picture I've ever posted on Instagram.  These are two of my best friends.  They stood by my side 5 years ago as my bridesmaids.  10 years ago, we met and became instant friends in the dorms of the University of Minnesota - Duluth.  I love them so much and I am grateful for all their support.

Because this is such a special week, the gratitude link-up will be included in the next couple of days.  Tomorrow, I have a very special person joining the fun.  Friday, I will share a few things from our wedding day that I am grateful for.  What are you grateful for?  This quote below says so much about my happiness as a wife.  Come back and check out parts 2 and 3.

A new friend of mine in blogworld started a gratitude link up of her own (great minds think alike) and so I'm including her website here too.  It's always good to make new friends, so go check her out.

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August 26, 2013

The Great Minnesota Sweat Together

I stole that line from one of my friends yesterday.  State fairs are the best.  It is a day to indulge in all things crazy and ridiculous.  We made the plan a couple weeks ago to gather a group of friends for a Sunday morning rendezvous at the fair.  Sure enough, the heat index was in the 100's, but we frolicked through the fairgrounds and did all the things we wanted to do while there.

We started the day with breakfast beers (to stay cool of course.)  We walked around and checked out a few of the buildings with exhibits.  We headed to the Leinie's stage for the free concert of the morning.  It was the Stella's featuring their daughters Lennon & Maisy... you may know them from this:

They were so good together and their parents are quite talented as well.  Can't beat free music.  After the concert, we entertained ourselves with some picture taking.

We made it to the Ball Park Cafe at noon to try the mini donut beer.  It was really good, but we shared one glass between 8 of us and that was plenty.  We watched some karaoke and took a break from the sun.

We finished off the afternoon with a trip through the air conditioned haunted house and a long, hot walk to the car.  Now, the most important part about the state fair is the food.  That is why we go in a big group.  I don't get to try too much because I don't eat meat, but there are still plenty of options for the vegetarians.

Our group this year ate:  veggie pie, hot dish on a stick, chocolate covered fruit, smoothies, cheese curds, Lingonberry Lefse, deep fried Twinkie, turkey leg, bull bites (which my husband told Kirsten were testicles - real mature), veggie bowl, Sweet Martha's cookies, deep fried olives, pork chop on a stick, Chinese food on a stick, mini donuts, french fries and s'mores.  For some reason, I wasn't very good at taking pictures of food, unless Brent was eating it - he was my food model.

My personal favorite was the veggie pie.  The bread on the bottom was amazing and the black olives were easy to pick off.  I hate black olives (I think they taste like blood.)

We had so much fun this year despite the heat.  I'm still amazed that we were able to coordinate as many fun people as we could.  Everyone is so busy that it's hard to get a big group together.  Love these people.

I rushed home from the fair to find out that my fantasy football dreams came true.  I was first pick which means I GOT MY FAVORITE VIKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I sucked at the rest of the draft, but I'm excited to chat with these ladies a little more as we battle through the football season.  Even though I only know Kroy Biermann because of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I think my team name is pretty awesome "I want a Bier-mann."  I came up with that all my own.  My back up name was "ponder that" but I wasn't going to pick Ponder as my main QB, so it seemed weird.

Another great weekend (well, great Sunday but who is keeping track.)  I'm still smiling about the NSYNC reunion and the fact that everything about Justin Timberlake screams cool.

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August 22, 2013

Random Q&A Session

Today is a great day to answer some random questions.  My friend, Jen, sent me some questions to answer and I'm such a good sport.  Here is her blog - you better go and say hi.

1.  What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
My dad got a line from his father that is also floating around in the back of my head.  "Don't sweat the small stuff and it's almost all small stuff."  The best marriage advice I received was from Justin's sister.  "Always give each other your best, not what you have left over at the end of the day."

2.  Blogs I'm loving right now?
I really love the money saving adventures of Sallie and Perkins over at Love, Fun & Football.  I constantly stalk Alexa's blog, Southern Living Our Way, for recipes and stories of Holly.  I get my sports knowledge and daily laughs from Venus Trapped in Mars.  Playlists are now a weekly thing from Miss Helene herself at Helene in Between, plus she was one of the first blogs I ever followed and definitely something I read every day.  Listing out all the blogs I love would take me forever.  I will say that I tend to stick with people that seem like me because it's easy for me to relate.

3.  How did your blog come about?
I've always enjoyed writing and keeping track of my adventures.  I started this blog and it was on my 30 before 30 list to stick with it until I had 10,000 page views.  I thought I would have to click on my own blog the week before my 30th birthday to make my goal.  Instead, I've discovered this community of people that are hilarious and amazing.  So many amazing travel adventures, funny dog moments, funny lists that trump the stuff on Buzzfeed (unless you are on Buzzfeed.)  I just love being a part of it now and putting my own story down to reread later.

4.  Favorite thing to do in my spare time?
Reading and lounging tops the list.  I could sit in a hammock with a pillow and a book all day long.

5.  Something people don't know about me?
Did you know that I'm allergic to cats?  Did you know that I still have to put out my hands to know left from right?  Did you know that I've never had a tattoo or a piercing?  Now you do.  Also, you're welcome for this picture.  I found it tonight and I don't know what I was doing, but I think it explains a lot.

6.  Who inspires me?
My friends and family.  I have such inspiring people in my life that inspire me to be a better person every single day.  I'm a very lucky girl.

Is it Friday yet?

August 21, 2013

Happy Happy Happy (Insta-Gratitude Week 34)

There are so many reasons to be happy this week, every week.  Sometimes it's hard to find them, but this week was not one of those for me.  There might some new people here this week thanks to the sweetest notes from Alexa and Tami, so welcome.  Those are two of my favorite bloggers so if you haven't checked them out, you are welcome :)

First of all, it's hump day.  If you haven't seen the most amazing commercial ever, watch here please.  Second of all, there are some super exciting things coming up for us the rest of this year and I'm just a happy girl.  One example, I just bought The Head and The Heart tickets for October - awesome.  Third... it's my 5 year anniversary next week.  I didn't have Pinterest or even understand what "wedding wednesday" was 5 years ago, so I'm going to share some of my favorite wedding things over the next week.  But, let's get to my gratitude for the last week.

I rode my bike home last week.  It's 8 miles and I get to cross the Mississippi and go around the lake and through the U of M campus.  It's a beautiful ride.  I love how bike friendly the Twin Cities are.

Some days, I am extremely grateful that this is how I begin and end the day.  Plus, I love trying new beer.

The cabin, the lake, the dogs that are all best friends.  How could you not be grateful for this setting?

These are 2 of my best friends, Brady & Kelsey.  They pretty much had us at their bed & breakfast this weekend because they wouldn't take our assistance with breakfast (other than pouring mimosas) so we were more than spoiled.

My mom.  It was her birthday this week and I am so grateful for her and the awesome relationship we have.  It is fun all the time and Sunday was nothing short of that.

Don't worry Declutter fans.  I will have more updates next week, but I was super excited that I finished a project with my wedding cards that didn't end in me throwing them away.  Plus, how cute is this card?

Last but not least, I am grateful for the time spent on the first step of my t-shirt quilt.  I'm so lucky to have a friend that is willing to help me and get better with her sewing machine.  This is quite the project, but I'm so excited to see the final product.

Next week, the gratitude link up will still be here, but it will feature some of the best things about being married.  If you can't handle the suspense, make sure you follow me on instagram @stephgregerson

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