July 15, 2013

The Color Run

I had another fabulous summer weekend.  Friday night dinner with my in-laws and then a quick drink at my sister in laws on our way home.  Saturday, we went to the Farmer's Market and found Sugar Snap Peas, flowers and a dozen eggs.  We followed that up with an awesome breakfast at a new restaurant (it will be a different post) and then a beer at the Gopher Bar.  Saturday evening, we went to a friend's to see their new house and grill out.  All the in betweens were spent napping, lounging, reading and sleeping.  Glorious.

Sunday was the busy day this weekend.  We did the Color Run at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.  This is my second time (2012 here) but more importantly, this was the first 5k I had ever done, so it was fun going back again.  We ran with our friends, Rick & Leah, and huge group of people and had a great time.  The weather was perfect compared to the 95 degrees it was last year.

Photo Bomb #1
Photo Bomb #2

We photo bombed as many pictures as we could including our own.  The race was a blast.  I finally got to try out my new shoes.  My knee didn't start bugging me until mile 2, so I slowed down and stretched and drank some water and was able to finish with a run.  I'm so glad Rick & Leah signed up with us and got to experience this race.  It's one of my favorites.

After the race, we had a celebratory breakfast at Schroeder's and we tried Koolaid Beer for the first time... ever tried it?  We heard of it on Saturday night and had to test it out.  

You get a pitcher of light beer (Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite) and you ask for the bartender to add some grenadine until the color turns red.  It was pretty good.  I don't think I could drink more than one or two, but it was pretty tasty. 

Sunday afternoon was my niece's Hello Kitty birthday party.  She will be 5 next week.  Crazy how fast time flies.  

Now, I dare you to scroll back through the pictures and see the many faces of my husband... I have just one face and pose for the camera all the time.  Oh well.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. ahhh I want to do a color run SO badly!

  2. HAHA your husbands faces are amazing. Totally didn't notice them the first time thru. Love the color run!

  3. bahaha so fun! glad you had a blast, girlfriend! xo

  4. Hello Kitty must be the IT party for 5 year olds...that's what my niece had, too! Haha!!

    Love all your pictures from the run, looks like a blast!!! A friend just asked me to go with her when it's here in October...but I've never done a run before (and don't run either, eek). Oh well, looks like more FUN than running! So are you still cleaning colored powder out of your hair, nose and ears...Ha! :)

  5. I'm not so sure about the kool aid beer, but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun at the color run. I need to sign up for one of these soon!
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  6. I just tried to register for the color run in dc but it is sold out! looks like so much fun

  7. looks like a total blasT!! so fun!

  8. how fun! I have always wanted to do a color run!!

  9. Everyone always has these fun color run pictures and I don't know...I'm just such a baby about being dirty. I don't think I could handle it.

    Kool-Aid beer sounds fantastic. I need to do this immediately.

  10. The Color Run looks like so much fun! I hope I can do it sometime. I haven't heard of kool-aid beer before...I'm not sure it sounds too good to me, but I'm willing to try everything once!

  11. GREAT pictures!
    Great job running the 5K - I've heard the Color Run is a GREAT time.

  12. I love your Color Run pics! I ran it in Orlando back in January and absolutely loved it!

  13. Looks like such a blast! I wish a was a runner so I could do that, but a runner I am not.


  14. I love the photobombs and your husband's goofy faces! Looks like a lot of fun!

  15. The photo bombs are awesome. My face is the same all the time, so I love when people make funny faces in pics.


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