July 1, 2013

Sunshine & Summertime

We finally had a full blown summertime weekend.  The sun was out all weekend and we enjoyed every last bit of it.  My poor knee caps are burnt which looks super cool when I wear shorts now.  Here is my photo dump:

Friday night, we went to dinner with Brady, Kelsey & Brian at Rusty Taco and then had a beer afterwards at Whitey's and headed home for a nice relaxing evening.  Justin had to rest up because Saturday morning, he ran the Warrior Dash.  I just went to cheer him on.

Tim & Justin ran together and then we met up with Holly and her friends after the race.  The official time is not posted yet, but I watched J cross the finish line and my estimate is 32 minutes which would have killed his time from last year.  It was fun to cheer them on.

After eating great all week and then burning a thousand calories, I thought he deserved dessert, so we went made the trek to Minneapolis right through the pride festivities to Glam Doll Donuts.

Oh, they were so good.  We finished our Saturday evening with the Game of Life in our backyard.

Sunday started off with exercise as I started my journey to become a professional tennis player.  After reading this post on Friday, I decided that I should finally get myself a tennis racket and go play with the old man.  It's awesome that my dad likes to do active things because it's a great excuse to hang out with him and exercise at the same time.  Turns out, I'm not great at tennis... yet.  I'm excited to get better though.  Now that I own a racket, the sport is free (unless you need new tennis balls and then you have to be prepared to fork over at least $2.50 for a sleeve.)  Also, I've learned that grunting makes you hit the ball better and it makes my dad laugh which causes him to be less prepared.

After tennis, we were finally ready to head to the boat.  I LOVE THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so excited.  We finished up our weekend cruising Lake Minnetonka with J's parents, his sister and her family and friend, Chelsea.  It was a perfect way to enjoy the sunny day.

Now, it's back to work for a few days until the 4th.  Also, if you have time today and are looking for a new read, go check out my friend, Gwen at Confessions of a Gila Monster.  She is my first ever sponsor (non swap style) and I'm so excited!!!!  Plus, she just got back from Europe, so pictures will be trickling in :)  

Confessions of a Gila Monster

Check out the "why classy" tab on the top of the page if you're interested in joining the party.  Hope you all have an awesome week!!!

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  1. Your active life style needs to rub off on me I almost died mowing the grass. To my credit our yard is a huge hill lol.

  2. Burnt knee caps are the WORST! I hate that! Almost as bad as your scalp. YAY for lake weekends though!

  3. This looks like an awesome weekend! I had burnt knee caps after a baseball game not too long ago and it as HORRIBLE.

  4. Those fish tacos and donuts look so good (but not together, haha)!!

    So jealous you got a boat/lake day, I really needed one of those here this weekend...it was sooooo stinking hot!

    What a perfect summer weekend!!

  5. yum and fun. i want to come hang out.

  6. This looks like an awesome weekend! Those tacos have me hungry already! Also, I love the way you guys dressed up for the run!

  7. Fabulous weekend! I freaking love the game of Life. It's always been my favorite.

  8. I am insanely jealous that you had anything to do with a boat! Awesomeness. And those donuts look ridic.

  9. I. LOVE. LIFE! That used to be one of my favorite games when I was little.

    And tennis. That's a toughy. My BFF and I used to go to the courts and pretend we knew what we were doing, but really we were just chasing after the ball over and over again. It was SO fun though!

  10. Fun fun weekend! So glad to be at the top of your sidebar! (And yes, the Europe photos are trickling indeed but they'll get there.)

  11. I burnt my calves once sitting at a soccer game all day in the bleachers. OUCH!

    Your boating pics made me SO EXCITED to finally get to go out on one this weekend, yay!!


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