July 12, 2013

Sharknado is fun to say

Dear Friday - It took you long enough to get here.  This has been a long week and I am so happy it's almost over.

Dear Dogs - I'm quite disgusted by the level of comfort you two find yourselves in each night (and all day while we are at work.)  We literally went for a 20 minute walk and you acted as if we had run a marathon.  That being said, you are the greatest dogs.  Keep being awesome.

Dear Dawes - Thank you for putting on an awesome show even if it started way past my bedtime.  I especially appreciate you playing all 5 songs I wanted to hear... that never happens and it made me such a happy girl.  This is a much better review of the show.  Minnesota loves you.  Come back soon.

Dear Blog - Sorry, sometimes I just suck... like yesterday.  But, I did update my "Who Am I" at the top and I think I figured out a great idea to feature my first real sponsor, Gwen, and I'm excited to see what she sends me back.  If you want to swap or sponsor, you can just check out the "Why Classy" tab at the top.

Dear Miss Mackenzy - It is your 5th birthday party this weekend and that just blows me away.  Can't wait to celebrate with you.  Also, keep kicking butt at tee ball.  We will be back soon to cheer you on.

Dear Kraft - Great work on the Zesty Italian commercials.  They are cracking me up every time I see them.  You are my new Old Spice man.  Congrats.

Dear Sharknado - I have no idea what you are and I don't care to find out, but I love just saying your name.  I feel like it might be my go-to name for someone that is spiraling out of control (Amanda Bynes?)

Dear Netflix - You & I will be having a date soon so I can check out Orange is the new Black.  I read that book last summer and I can't wait to see what you've done with it.

Dear Miss Yoga Pants - Thank you for constantly providing me a Friday playlist to dance my face off to.  It usually happens in the car on the way home from work, but every once in a while, it happens at my desk.  Today is a desk day and for that, I thank you.

Dear Ivy Levan - I saw you live a few weeks ago and you seem to be gaining popularity each week and I think you deserve it.  You are one bad ass glam princess and you deserve a spot on my Friday dance mix. Also, I was shocked to find out you are from Bentonville, Arkansas.  Read more here.



  1. Ha! I don't know what a sharknado is either, but I'm a big fan now.
    Hawkeye passes out like that too. We don't even really walk, we go to the park next door for 15 minutes and she comes back in and goes straight to her bed. Lazy!

  2. Love that someecard! Perfection. Also loving those zesty Italian commercials ;) Happy Friday!

  3. Those Kraft commercials make me laugh too - like when his shirt just rips off! Happy weekend!

  4. I'm baffled by this Sharknado phenomenon, but you're right - it's fun to say. And I've just added that song to my current playlist!

  5. I really don't understand the sharknado thing. last night chris and our friend who is visiting put it on tv and i thought they were insane - and now today sharknado is taking over the world! how did that many people tune into the scifi channel last night?

    also that someecard killed me. well done, friend.

  6. my dogs are just like yours! they are so funny! your little niece is SOO cute! and i second the sharknado thing. it appeared in my fb feed and i have no clue what it is, but it def is a cool word. at first i thought it might be part of shark week! haha im so old.

  7. Netflix and I are on a date right now. Actually, your blog is on a date with us.



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