July 3, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 27 (My First Link Up)

What are you grateful for this week?  Tell me all about it because you can now link up with this post.  There is so much coming up this weekend to be grateful for since it is the birthday of the United States of America.  I hope all my friends are spending the weekend enjoying family, friends and freedom in every way possible.

Looking back at the last week, here are the things that I was especially grateful for:

Wednesday, I enjoyed dinner and happy hour with coworkers in the Vinings area of Atlanta.  

Thursday night, my flight home was the most beautiful plane ride I've ever been on.  We chased the sunset home.  The plane was quiet and it was a smooth ride and I was able to just enjoy the sunset for a whole two hours.  Unreal.  If I was in the window seat and not the middle seat, I would have taken 100 photos, but I'm not the creep that leans over and takes window pictures, so instead you get that picture.

Friday night, we had drinks with some friends and welcomed our friend, Brian, back to MN from Sedona.  Love those two boys.  Saturday, I had my first experience with Glam Doll Donuts.  UNREAL.  We may have bought a half dozen, but then only ate 3... they were worth it.

Sunday was a very happy day.  I was grateful for so many things.  Tennis with my dad, a boat day with my in-laws, my new pride coozy from my friend, Kelsey, and a nice cold Summer Ale on a beautiful day.  You can't capture all of that, but I did my best.

Monday, I started working on some yoga moves.  One of these days, I'll have the confidence to go to a real class that isn't in my living room.  

Tuesday night, dinner on the patio with some girlfriends.  Gluten free pizza, strawberries and sugar snap peas - best summer evening meal with literally no preparation.  Plus, I decided on a Sam Adams Porch Rocker because my friend, Heather, is at Fenway Park and I wanted to pretend I was in Boston for five seconds.  Also, Sam Adams was featured twice in my gratitude post this week, I guess I really love Sam Adams.

Also, you should probably check out Erin's Blog today because she wrote an amazing and honest post yesterday and she might put me in her post today... plus, I just love her and you will too.

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  1. The fact that you used Sam Adams twice in a post means that you are beyond cool in my book.

    Their beer is GOOD.

  2. Those donuts look delicious!! And seriously craving a boat day- complete with a Sam Adams. Looks amazing!

  3. Beautiful scenery always makes me feel very full and appreciative of my life!

  4. I love sunset/sunrise pictures, and being able to witness/capture beautiful ones always tops my list of things I'm grateful for...that one is gorgeous!

    Hope you have an awesome 4th tomorrow!!

  5. oh this is gorgeous! and so glad you made this a link up!!

  6. Wonderful things to be grateful for!

  7. I am terrified of yoga haha :) Yay for patio dinners, boat days and HECK YES you're on my blog today!! :)

  8. I am a loser because I forgot about your linkup, but since you don't like rules, I may just link up tomorrow's post.

    I love the "chasing the sunset" plane ride. So cool.

    I went to one yoga class and decided I needed to be better at it before going back.


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