July 10, 2013

I Love Everything About Summer (Insta-Gratitude Week 28)

Another week, another collection of things that make me oh so happy.  If you read the last 2 posts, you are aware that I love the fourth and I celebrated like a champ.  So many summery things to be grateful for this past week.

1.  Fireworks - Yep, everyone else had better pictures than me, but I actually watched them this year and didn't pull out my iphone4 (gasp, I haven't upgraded yet) until we were in the car beating the rush - that's when I got this professional picture.
2.  Mimosas in Mason Jars - I think I've talked about these enough... but damn.

3.  Date night in Stillwater, MN.  Love this view of the St. Croix River.

4 & 5 - Cabin times.  Cloudy days mean big dinners, fishing & Clue.  Sunny days means water balloon fights, turtle catching and swim time.

6.  Some friends were in town that we only see twice a year and we got to see them for a little while.  Usually, it's shenanigans when they are home (like this time) so it was nice to have a quiet night with them.
7.  Grocery shopping and an actual meal plan for the rest of the week.  Thank you Alexa the Queen of Herbivores (I feel like she always has awesome nick names for people and apparently I'm not good at it) for putting this recipe for Southwestern Egg Rolls on your blog.  We might have overdone it on the spinach, but it was amazing and will definitely join the rotation of meals to make.

Also, I am so excited that people linked up last week.  It's so much fun for me to see what little things other people find day to day to be grateful for.  Come join the party again.  

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  1. Damn your southwestern egg rolls photo, it made me so hungry last night.

    I love that pic of the mimosas in the mason with the sunglasses.

  2. That view from the river is gorgeous! And so is that mimosa in a mason jar! it looks like the jar is glittered!

  3. Really wishing I had that mimosa right now...looks so good!! Great picture of the St. Croix river, too!

  4. THat view is gorgeous! I want to go on a date there. now. haha

    && mimosas in mason jars? Sign me up please.

  5. Hey I think the pic of the fireworks are great! I love this- puts a smile in my face!

  6. Why do all beverages taste better out of a mason jar? It's just a fact.

  7. I will try my best to remember to link up next week!! Remind me! Yell at me! ;) I love your professional firework picture AND you make me sad that I'm broke and can't buy wine haha

  8. hey lady! came to check things out from Heather's blog. She seemed VERY exciting about you coming to SF. I figured if she liked you that much, I was missing out!

    PS- mimosas in mason jars= brilliant!

  9. i just...ahhh i just want to drink with you and do fun stuff!! Mimosas in mason jars? DUH. I love it. Also, remind me on Tuesday about this gratitude link up!!!! #lastminuteblogger

  10. Good for you! I didn't pull my phone out and look behind its screen either! That's like one of my biggest pet peeves. Live a little! I could go for a mimosa right now. That nice huge one would be perfect.

  11. yum! anything in a mason jar always tastes more yummy. those southwest egg rolls look really yummy too and i always love fireworks photos

  12. oh hey… remember me? i'm baaaack! i love your new button and i just now got around to linking up, but i did write my post on wednesday! if you could bring a few of those mason jar mimosas and egg rolls to sf with you that would be fantastic. after all, what are epic blates without mason jars and egg rolls, right??


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