June 18, 2013

Treat Yoself Tuesday

Have you participated in treat yourself Tuesday?

If you don't watch Parks & Rec, then you are seriously missing out on Tom & Donna and I feel bad for you.  They are my favorite people, other than Ron Swanson (who has a lot in common with my husband.)

They are my inspiration in treat yoself Tuesday (or any day that I decide it works for me.)  

After work, I'm going to indulge in at least 5 no bake energy balls (thanks Erin for that obsession) and then participate in a charity 5k tonight for a good cause.  You can check out the Center for Girl's Leadership and even come and run with us tonight by clicking here. 

I plan to end my night with a glass of wine, possibly a bath (Lush bath bomb, check) and some patio reading time.  It is necessary to make it all about me sometimes.

Also, I guest posted in Cortney's world today while she's on vacation.  Check it out.

The Little Things and Vodka


  1. I just treated myself to an icy cold Wendy's lemonade. It's the little things, people.

  2. Well, start feeling bad for me because I've never watched it haha. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!! But I wanna treat my self! I might need a good soak in the tub tonight, that sounds good already!

  3. I just banged down three no bake energy balls myself. I'm living large today.

    Starting a new book tonight!

  4. Hit send before saying I wish I worked with Tom, Donna, and Ron.

  5. I treated myself to a root beer float. Amazing!

  6. I am treating myself to Mexican today - even though I don't really deserve a treat I'm going to lie and say I do! Love parks & rec!

  7. I am just thrilled bc i know I (semi) inspired this post. thank you for this. #treatyoself

  8. #1. i love love love parks and rec!

    #2. tom and donna are genious with treat yo self day, i try to do it once a week...is that greedy!!

    People at work call me leslie knope when i get all jazzed up, i think they mean it as an insult but i friggen love it.


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