June 4, 2013

Right Now - June Edition

I think I'm in a rhythm of doing these once a month, so I didn't want anyone to worry if I missed this.

Reading:  I'm reading a few books right now and enjoying them lots.  Easy reads, perfect beach books (except that it's cold here still.)  Also, I'm well aware that it's super cheesy to read an entire novel about a cat, but Justin's grandparents live near the town of Spencer, IA where the cat lived and it's a really sweet story.
Source 123
Also, I am now officially accepting button swaps on the "Why Classy" tab on the top of the page, which has lead me to check out some new blogs.

Eating:  According to my Google search terms, I've been writing about "classy carnival food."  Yes please.  I did eat some bad for me but so tasty garlic cream cheese wontons at Grand Old Days on Sunday.  The no-bake energy balls floating around on Pinterest have also happened numerous times in my house.

Watching:  I'm back on a 24 kick.  Every rainy night, we've settled in to watch it on Netflix starting at the first season.  Also, I'm extremely excited that Real Housewives of New Jersey is back on.


Missing:  The sunshine that we saw so briefly this weekend.

Anticipating:  A chilly weekend for the wedding we are heading to in Duluth.  I believe the whole thing is outside on the shores of Lake Superior.  If you don't know that area, it's a little windy and a little chilly and might not be good for a girl in a summer dress.

Wishing For:  A good deal on our trip to Costa Rica in February.  We have had horrible luck with all the travel agents we've reached out to.  If anyone has any recommendations or has planned a trip to Costa Rica, I need your help.  I have to make it there before I turn 30.  Plus, who doesn't want to visit a place with views like this:

source 123 and 4
Drinking:  It is summer time (well kind of.)  My wine selection tends to switch to Riesling (but only one because they are sweet.)  Here are the drinks of choice for me this summer.  Most are alcoholic, but Shakeology is a powder that we mix with Almond Milk.  It's pretty spendy, but it's a good way for me to get a lot of the vitamins and nutrients that my body lacks.  Have you tried it?

source 12345 and 6
Laughing At:  This video that is everywhere.  Plus, I might actually take the learnings from Helene (have you voted for her yet?) and make a GIF of myself doing this.  I need to know there's some interest though... any takers?  Maybe everyone should do one.

Loving:  My new sunglasses - all 4 pairs of them.  Oops.

Beginning:  Insanity.  I hate it, but I think I will love it.  I'm not doing it every day because I also need to keep running, plus I wouldn't last more than 2 days.  I do have the goal though to finish all 60 days by the end of August.  That might not be how the program is created, but it's the only way I could actually get through it.

Listening To:  Are we friends on Spotify yet?  I love stalking other people's song choices and then copying them.  I also think it's hilarious when someone calls me out on what I'm listening to (thanks Whitney.)  Here are the last 3 songs I listened to:


  1. I love the idea for this post and might steal it!

    So, my company works in Costa Rica. If you want, I can put you in touch with my travel agent. We usually get group reservations with her but she has some pretty competitive prices. I can also put you in touch with 2 of my colleagues who run an ecolodge retreat in the middle of the rain forest that, while I haven't traveled to yet, is supposed to be amazing.

    Feel free to email me! My email is linked to my Blogger account =)

  2. New Jersey Houseives, I looooove that shit.

  3. I keep hearing about people starting Insanity! I did it for a while last year... that shit is hard!

  4. I love Shakeology - you're right, it is pricey, but so delicious. I did Beachbody's Ultimate Reset to get a healthier lifestyle and my cousin is a coach for them.

  5. Oh I need a good beach read, but I can't handle more than 1 at a time, which should I read??

    RHONJ, yes please.

    Summer Shandy, beer me.

    Costa Rica? Just booked a resort there for next February.

    Basically I've decided we could be BFFs.

  6. I need some beaches in my life too--- we're hoping for an all-inclusive somewhere next March/April. Do you check Travel Zoo? They have some amazing deals, I sign up for their newsletter.... but warning, you'll want to go EVERYWHERE!

  7. What a great idea, I need to start 24 from the beginning! I found your blog through the Stub Hub tickets giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I think you need to do some classy carnival food recipe posts please.

    Riesling is my summer favorite. I like dry reds for winter, but as soon as it starts getting warm out, I want a Riesling, the sweeter the better.

    Also, can I steal this list? I have been wanting to do one of these posts but haven't seen a list that I really liked yet.

  9. Umm, I read Dewey AND drove all the way to Spencer to check out the library. No, I'm not kidding.

  10. yes to the alcohol, beaches and books. I added that funny kelly chick to my to read list!


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