June 11, 2013

My Random Thoughts...

Since I am incapable of writing a post after a margarita and dos Dos Equis, here are my random thoughts.

The Bachelorette sucks so bad this year... wait, have I ever liked it?

I shouldn't have eaten all of that enchilada tonight.  My body hates me right now.

I don't remember texting before emoticons.

Where the EFF is summer?  So what, we got to 80 degrees today.  Show me a week of that and I'll drop it.

I miss my mint sunglasses that my dog ate.  I should chew up his favorite leash and see how he likes it.

YAY!  A Groupon for one of those painting with beer/wine classes. Sign me up.

Seriously?  Why am I even listening to the Bachelorette?  Is this "real" girlfriend real?  Everything on this show seems like a fairy tale load of crap.

I should eat vegetables only tomorrow... and my coffee.  

Could I go a day without coffee?

Why do my dogs always manage to look so comfortable?  They are both going to growl when I take them to bed.  

I want to go kayaking this weekend.  

I can't remember the last time I exercised.  Insanity needs to continue, but not tonight.  Not tomorrow either probably.  I need to take a bath bomb bath tomorrow night.  I feel like it's going to be one of those days.

What a fun birthday celebration for Kelsey... I should go to bed. 

9:30 is a great bedtime.  Good night.

Speaking of the birthday girl:

I love birthdays and celebrating with people as they celebrate another year of awesome.  Tonight, we celebrated Kelsey's birthday with margaritas, Mexican food and a fantastic group of people.  The cool thing about celebrating her last year of awesome is that it is the first year of awesome I got to spend with her.  We've had a pretty good year I would say.  State Fair adventures, her beautiful wedding, happy hours, game nights, a few runs, MONTANA and an epic road trip, a few other weddings and not enough girls nights.  Cheers to many many more years of awesome.

Now, for those of who you haven't checked out Kelsey's blog yet, you probably should.  She has a 30 before 30 list that she's working on as well and was a little more ambitious since she is a few years younger than yours truly.  Link Here


  1. I seriously cracked up at you chewing in your dog's leash. I've threatened my dog with ruining her stuff she doesn't care.

    I nominated you for an award today. Check it out! (And it's not the Liebster!)

  2. Haha the Bach has always sucked. And I love b-days!!!

  3. i have many of these same thoughts way too often!!

  4. I usually get sucked into the Bachelor/ette, too, but somehow I missed the start of this season and I'm not sorry! Ha! :) From most of the reviews I've read it sounds like the guys are all pretty lame...

    A perfect Tuesday post, in my opinion! And cute picture of you two!!

  5. I'm so glad someone else feels this way sometimes! There are days where I don't feel like actually blogging, just writing a bunch of stuff in a list!

  6. Heading to check Kelsey's blog out now!

    I just say no to The Bachelorette.

  7. Thank you SO much for the birthday love and for coming out to the dinner! I also am feeling the Mexican food and WAY too big marg I drank... more to come on that in my next post. hehe
    love you mrs gregermeene!


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