June 24, 2013

Lights Out

Oh Minnesota, just when I brag about summer having arrived, you went and messed with the weather again.  Thunderstorms and flooding led to a weekend without power.  I decided to enjoy every last bit of the peace and quiet on Friday night.

What happens when the power goes out?  A nice quiet relaxing weekend.

Friday night, we had a happy hour date with a few friends and got home just as the rain started to come down in sheets.

Saturday morning, we headed into work early to use the internet and get caught up on work a little.  After work, we headed to Eau Claire for one of my friend's daughter's birthday party.  We got to experience a little sunshine, air conditioning and functioning lights.  We had cake and homemade Oreo ice cream along with a taco bar.

Could those two be any cuter?  We headed back towards Minnesota to see if we were lucky enough to have our power turned back on.  Within a few blocks of our house, I could see a light turned on in our window.  So excited.  We watched The Switch on Netflix with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston and had an early bedtime.

Sunday turned into a little bit of a fun day.  We enjoyed some reading time in the morning and then headed to the Bulldog for some PBR's and vacation chatting.  We then met up with some friends for dinner and Dairy Queen.  Fried garlic cloves??  Yes please.  I'm pretty sure that my breath still smells.

Finished the weekend with some quiet time and the SUPERMOON.

I think I need to have more weekends without power.  So much good quiet time with the dogs and Justin.


  1. here I was feeling bad for you with your lack of power... but it sounds amazing! is it weird that I now want to lose power for a little bit?? ps - I finally figured out commenting from my phone, LOOK OUT!

  2. I'm with you, it was pretty sunny here and now we can smell a storm coming!

  3. Ummmm, I really want a fried garlic clove haha!!

    I kinda' don't hate when the power goes out. Unless we've JUST went to the grocery and I'm worried about all our food rotting haha!


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