June 5, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 23 (and a giveaway)

Are you capturing your daily gratitude yet?  Are you following my Instagram yet (@stephgregerson)??

1.  A new pizza place by work and GREEN PEPPERS on pizza.  Haven't done it?  DO IT NOW.
2.  A girl's night with Lola and Bravo.
3.  My older sissy.  She's a pretty fabulous person and I got to hang with her and her friends last week.
4.  My partners in crime on Sunday (just missing Annika).
5.  A night babysitting this sugar queen - sunglasses and cupcakes for everyone!!!
6.  Telestrations and a night of so much laughter that my abs hurt the next day.
7.  Some inspiration after my Insanity workout.  Oops, I forgot I was running tomorrow.  Just praying I can walk in the morning.

Along with my weekly gratitude post, I'm super excited that one of my favorite bloggers in the whole world let me join her sleepover party and let me participate in my first ever giveaway.  I don't know how many of these are in my future, but I'm pretty excited about this one.  Plus, I'm excited that whoever wins will finally be able to invite me to do something fun with them.  All the info is below. 

Who would like $215 to spend on tickets to see your favorite team play or your favorite singer perform live? Oh, you? Well you are in luck, because there is a giveaway about 15 blogs over that I'm sure you will find those tickets at! It must be your lucky day.

Oh wait, I'm not pulling a Lloyd Christmas on you, this giveaway is REAL and is RIGHT HERE! That is exactly what my sponsors sleepover besties and I are bringing you today. If you follow me on twitter,  you will hear I refer to me possee up in huurrr as "my sleepover friends" and they are da bomb.

My May sponsors want to send you to see your favorite baseball team, your favorite football team, Miranda Lambert, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake... whomever your heart desires, LIVE! Whoa. Just Whoa.

Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars // Maggie @ Mess in the Making // Sara @ Pearls and Curls // Jill @ Girlfriend Jill // Sydney @ Southern Sass // Lisa @ Two Martinis // Rachel @ With Love, Rachel // Merchon @ Merk and Her Mastiff // Helene @ Helene in Between // Erin @ The Party Girl's Guide // Jackie @ Health, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness // Beth @ Arrow in the Eye // Samantha @ It's All in the Details // Nini @ What's New Nini Kat // Steph @ Insert Classy Here // Taylor @ Confessions of a Busy Bee // Amanda @ The Best is Yet to Be // Tami @ Friday Morning Buzz // Laura @ Back-Handsprings Through Bridgetown // Nadine @ Back East Blonde
 Rules: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only Winner will be notified via email (after verification, no cheating) and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize. Otherwise, the prize will be given to the next in line. Check all terms and conditions below. Now go enter. WHOO! *Insert pumped up Jock Jamz song here*
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  1. Hi!! I'm a new follower from the giveaway!! I've been wanting to check out your blog for a while now so I'm glad I was forced to do it!! Looking forward to hearing more from you!!

    Come check me out if you want!!

  2. GAH- I freaking want the ticket $$ so bad. Can you and Sarah rig it somehow?! Thanks! ;)

    I love the lil' sugar queen with her sunglasses.. how is she way more stylish than me?!

    And you're doing Insanity!? Thats awesome!

  3. Oof! Good luck with the run!

    Love "sunglasses and cupcakes for everyone."

  4. this is a fun giveaway because I already follow a lot of you guys so I don't have to do much work! lazy blogger, right here. also, how does this instagratitude thing work?? tell me more :)

  5. If I win, I will maybe take my classiest friend with me to a Twins game ;)


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