June 10, 2013

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

I love weddings.  I love making trips back to my college town especially when so many of my college friends are going to be there.  This weekend was an absolute blast from beginning to end.  The song above literally played through my head all weekend.  I was reminded of Gatsby at the wedding because of the location that they picked.  The whole thing was beautiful and we had SO much fun.  Sorry for the photo overload, hopefully you'll jamming out to the song as you look through.

Friday, we left work and headed north.  We pretty much had a sing off the entire way.  We dropped the boys off at Rehearsal and checked into our hotel and got ready for dinner.

Pre-dinner and post-dinner drinks were at Grandma's Up Bar which overlooks the Lift Bridge in Duluth.  Dinner was at Bellisio's.  Oops, had too much fun and ended up at Perkins, just like the old days.  1:30 AM is not the appropriate time to woof down 5 slices of French Toast, so I ate 3 and shared the rest.

The wedding day started off with a trip to Target to pick up some essentials and then lunch with the boys at the new brewery on Canal Park.  The food was AMAZING.

And yes, I ate fish tacos with sweet potato fries.  I was recovering and it sounded good.  We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  It was a sunny day, but a little chilly.  The ceremony & reception were at the Glensheen Mansion.  We got to wander around the house during cocktail hour which we took advantage of.  We were seated for dinner and I quickly realized that our friends were in the corner away from most other guests, but closest to the bar and the dance floor - looks like they've got us figured out.  Things escalated from there and we had a blast.  The night ended with yet another trip to Perkins.

Hmmm... we are missing Krista in this photo - so it's almost all of the girls :)

The favors.

The last one is my favorite.  I caught Tyler taking a selfie so I made him pose with it... still not clear on where he got that scarf.  Also, did you see any thumbs up pictures???  Nope, at least not on my camera.  Win.  Instead we found it necessary to wear our sunglasses through the dance portion so no one would notice us. See?  A little party never killed nobody and neither did a little Perkins, a lot of beer and a return to the college town that holds so many fun memories.

Cheers to Mike & Jess.  I hope you're enjoying your private lake in Canada.  We are so happy we got to be a part of your weekend.

For those of you who don't know my friend, Mike, or may have missed this post over a year ago - you are welcome - he is famous.  Living in the Shadow of a Star

Also, it's Kelsey's birthday today and I'll write more on that tomorrow, but you should probably go wish her a Happy Birthday.  This is her blog :)

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  1. All of our Perkins closed last year. It was devastating. Perkins was our go-to hungover lunch in grad school. Chicken tender melt, onion rings, and ranch dressing. Surprisingly, I was thinner when I ate shit like that than I am now. WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS IN THAT?!?!

    Love the self with selfie picture and wedding props like the scarf make for the best photos. I die when I see the photobooth props from our wedding in our photos.

  2. Oooh man, LOVE that song and Gatsby so now I'm def rock o'clockin to that one!! :) Looks like SUCH a fun weekend-- what a gorgeous dress, venue, etc etc!!!

    Love the 'busted' pic!! haha- Tyler's selfie!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weddinng-funfilled weekend!! And, congrats to your friends on getting married...love her dress it's beautiful!

    Duluth seems like a fun little town... went through there several years ago and even had lunch at Grandma's! But that french toast looks AMAZING...YUM!!!!

    Glad you had a great weekend! :)

  4. i just...sigh... i just know we would have so much fun together!!

  5. this sounds like my kind of weekend! great pics, looks like a beautiful wedding!

  6. You captured some awesome moments - everyone looks like they're having a blast.


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