May 13, 2013

Weekend Fun

Remember on Friday, when I told you I was going to drink champagne all weekend?  I was just kidding.  For some reason, I had no champagne this weekend, but I still did everything on the list.

Friday night was the Rave Run at Valleyfair.  It was the most unorganized run that I've ever done, but I liked the concept and had fun doing it.  It ended up only being about 2.25 miles instead of a 5K, but Valley Fair looked awesome all lit up with different colors.  It's always fun to have some quality run time with Holly too and I was excited to be there for Kelsey and Louise's first races.  Sidenote: I cannot explain why my husband is so awkward in those pictures... he loves to be funny and not take nice pictures.

Saturday, I had to work during the day and then had plans to go out to dinner with some girlfriends and then watch a movie with Justin.  That dinner quickly turned into a birthday celebration for me and Caroline and after a birthday shot and lots of peer pressure, I ended up having Justin come and pick me up after dinner because there was tequila involved as well as some sort of shot lit on fire.  I will add that I'm a giant wuss when it comes to Tequila, so I only took 1/2 of the shot and then made the ones who pressured me finish the rest of it.

Sunday morning, I finally got to go to the Farmer's Market and got some new flowers and the hummus I've been craving since last fall.  We celebrated Mother's Day by getting tickets to the Twin's game for my mom, grandma and my dad.  It was my grandma's first time, so we went really early.  The first 10,000 women got Twins sunhats, so it looked like a Derby party.  The Twins got stomped on by the Orioles, but we still had fun.

Not a cloud in the sky all afternoon, so the sun hat came in handy when I realized that I forgot sunscreen to reapply.  Fail.  We left the game to meet Justin's mom for dinner.  After dinner, we had a nice quiet night at home watching Heavyweights (love that movie).

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  I would love it if you could take a second to sign the petition on the link below to start a special task force for open missing persons cases in Tennessee.  They are working to get 10,000 signatures.  It only takes a second.  Click here.


  1. Haha wooooo for an impromptu birthday celebration. I fully support that! :) And I forreal love those derby-style hats haha!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!! :)

  3. GAH i am the same way with tequila!! I could not finish even half a shot!!

    Looks like the race was a blast! & ahh that weather at the ball park looked glorious!

  4. I ran the Rave Run also! I totally agree about it being unorganized. Pretty ridiculous. But the run itself was way fun!

    And I'm totally jealous of your over sized Twins hat! :)

  5. Looks like a blast -- great weekend to be out at a game :)


  6. Your weekend looks like a total blast. I have GOT to get in on one of these 'rave runs'! ALthough in the back of my mind I'm already scared I would completely fall into a hole while running in the dark

  7. Those hats are hilarious. And tequila is the devil. The end.

  8. Hahah they do look like Derby hats! Pretty cute idea they had though.

  9. What a great weekend!! And this is getting me so excited to go to some baseball games!! :)

  10. Perfect weekend, IMO! (Minus the tequila)

  11. Target Field is such a great park, and love the floppy hats!! :)

    I've wondered how a Rave Run would look/work...looks fun with all the glowing colors!


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