May 29, 2013

The Cherry on Top (Insta-Gratitude Week 22)

Yesterday, we recapped Justin's 30th Pedal Pub Extravaganza so today I will recap the rest of our weekend.  Justin celebrated a milestone birthday, but for Caroline & I, it was just our 28th.  Again, I was reminded how awesome it is to share birthdays with friends.  This is year two celebrating with Caroline and she will never be able to escape us now.

After enjoying a relaxing week night at home last Wednesday, we hit the town on Thursday evening to celebrate Caroline's birthday at Psycho Suzi's.

Friday was the only sunny day we've seen in the last week.  We bought a lawn mower in the morning from Home Depot.  We walked around Target for a while and obviously tried on Super Hero masks.  We met Caroline and Kirsten for a patio lunch at Tugg's and then spent the afternoon wandering through the Sculpture Garden.  It is their 25th anniversary this year, so they have set up a miniature golf course with holes designed by local architects.  So cool!

Friday evening, I went to my birthday buddy's happy hour at the Herkimer, played some Cards Against Humanity (best game ever) and hit the pillow before midnight.

You know how Saturday went - PERFECT.  I did wake the birthday boy up at 9:30 AM so his first meal as a 30 year old could be a cupcake and a mimosa.

Sunday & Monday were awesomely lazy days.  We went to movies both mornings.  We let our geek flags fly and saw Ironman 3 and Star Trek.  Sunday, we had lunch with my mom and challenged Justin to drink Rumchata Floats and then blow into the Intox Box (tests your blood alcohol level) - he continued to blow a 0.00 - apparently Rumchata doesn't have much alcohol in in.  We rounded out the evening with Rock & Roll Bingo.  Monday, we had lunch with Justin's whole family and then decided to spend the rainy afternoon/evening starting to watch 24 again.  I've missed you Jack Bauer.

Sorry again for the overload.  I promise it was just so awesome.  To recap - here are the things I was thankful for:
  1. New aviators (and other new sunglasses)
  2. New sundresses (thanks sisters!)
  3. A new candle
  4. Awesome birthday cards, messages, FB posts and tweets.
  5. Jack Bauer
  6. Mini Golf
  7. Caroline
  8. Super Hero masks
  9. My husband and his milestone birthday

MATCHING T-SHIRTS.  These shirts obviously have the names of the bash brothers on the back (thanks Brian).  I'm clearly Fulton Reed.  We also now own the Goose & Maverick Top Gun shirts.  Not sure how Justin feels, but I think this is definitely a new tradition.  

Thanks again to all of you that sent incredibly sweet messages to myself and to my husband.  I think he felt like a rock star Friday for his first guest post.


  1. the couple that wears matching shirts together, stays together. it's true. looks like an absolute blast!

  2. Such a fun birthday/holiday weekend!!! You guys clearly know how to celebrate right, lol! :)Love your skirt in the sculpture garden pics, too.

  3. I wanna come celebrate birthdays with you guys! FUN! I want those Top Gun shirts!

  4. I love the name Psycho Suzi's. And Jack Bauer is the bomb.

  5. What fun pictures! Looks like you're livin the life girl :)

    PSYCHO SUZI, omg yes.


  6. Omg..those t-shirts, so awesome!

  7. i'm really glad justin's birthday is right before chris' - so many good ideas. and the best part? he will have no idea anything is borrowed. :) if only we could ride pedal pubs in sf... damn the hills!

  8. I've been meaning to buy Cards Against Humanity! I hear it's hilarious.

  9. ..."and obviously tried on super hero masks" I mean, what else would you do?! ;) How fun that you get to celebrate with your man and a friend every year?!! PAR-TAY! I'm inviting myself for next year, fyi!


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