May 3, 2013

Right Now - May Edition

I had nothing interesting to report on today, so I will tell you what I'm doing right now (or within the last 24 hours.)

Reading: Yogalosophy (more on that later)

Eating: Potatoes with coconut oil - I dare you to try it.  I just keep reminding myself to eat less bread and cheese and more of everything else.

Watching: I might have watched the first season of Dawson's Creek on Netflix over the last few weeks.  More importantly, I'm still watching Happy Endings and tweeting the TV gods to NEVER cancel that show.

Missing:  The sunshine.  Yep, it's snowing again and it's May people.

Anticipating: All of the fun things we have happening this month.  The Walk for Animals is tomorrow.  You should probably donate (by clicking the button on the side of the page) since it will be 40 degrees and raining and we are still going to man up and show our support for the dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc.

Wishing for: Today to go super fast.  Also, I wish more states would get on board with Rhode Island and the other 9 states that have already given the thumbs up to same sex marriage.  Read Time article here

Drinking:  Strawberry protein shake + Coffee.  There are many other things I would rather be drinking, but it's Friday morning and I'm at my desk (should have done this last night.)  Reminder that it is Cinco de Mayo on Sunday and you know what that means.

Laughing at:  Sorry, I'm just going to say that this week I have been laughing out loud at the teenage queens train wrecks of Hollywood.  This is getting out of control.  I almost started following Amanda Bynes on Twitter.  Also, if you didn't look at the link up yesterday for best search words, you should.  I laughed out loud all day.

Loving:  That this week is coming to an end... if I can make it through today.  I love that my friend moved home from Aspen and we got to have happy hour last night.  I love that my nieces understand that I am not capable of sitting through a 4 hour dance recital to watch their sweet dance moves, so they both gave me a preview.  You are welcome.

Beginning:  Birthday month and possibly training for a 10k.  If I don't have a run to prepare for, I don't run.  Simple as that.  If you know of any good 10k's in the Twin Cities for September or October, let me know.

Listening to:  Obviously music for BACKTHATAZZUP Friday.  This week, my selection comes with a little bit of sadness.  I know they weren't going to ever do anything this good again, but if NKOTB can tour again, anything is possible.  RIP Chris Kelly.


  1. Yayy for the animal walk! And I LOVE Happy Endings, funniest show ever!

  2. I was a huge Kris Kross fan. LOVE your blog!! I am your newest Twitter follower and fellow blogger :)

  3. You should never apologize for watching Dawson's Creek. It's glorious. And I'm totally the same way with running. Whoops.

  4. Boo for the snow. Hope you get some sunshine!

  5. Amanda Bynes is such a hot mess. I can't look away. And I cannot believe the snow! It's MAY

  6. haha awesome song pick! found your blog from the link-up and i'm following you now! cute blog :)

    come visit sometime!


  7. I am SO with you on happy endings!! GOD i love that show!

    Ps - what are your plans for this glorious sunday holiday? I think there should be some overlapping drinking plans happening. just sayin...


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