May 2, 2013

More Life Lessons

Since we are officially in my birthday month, I'm going to pass on some more life lessons I've learned in my almost 28 years of life.

Most importantly, I've learned that Google rules the world.  Today, Helene and Sarah are hosting a party where everyone is sharing the search words that led people to their blogs.  I've been paying more attention to mine since they announced this and I was a bit horrified.  I'm going to share them with you, but I feel like I need to stress that I have no idea what in my blog would have made it show up for a few of these... others, I totally get it.  These are in a random order:

  1. Classy People don't show off
  2. What was Urkel wearing
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. Insertion Spicy Mature (gross)
  5. Hot girl in sweat pants (I'm sure they weren't referring to me, but I'll take it)
  6. Monday dog
  7. Treat Yoself
I'm not taking the winning prize on these, but I've learned that people find me in many random ways.  Other than #4 (you can leave now), I'm glad you're here.  Go check out what other people have been searched by, it should be just the laugh I need today.
Venus Trapped in Mars

Moving on, here are a few more things I learned about modeling and I am happy to pass on these skills.  

When you are forced to have your picture taken by yourself, throw on a hat (because I never brush my hair) and grab your favorite thing - under 21 = popsicle, over 21 = champagne.  

Sometimes you just need a stuffed animal to raise the cute level of a picture.  It looks a little like I was about to rip that bear's nose off, but it might have been because of that outfit.  

Last, but not least, I found a gem of my husband.  I only possess about 20 pictures of him from his childhood and this is one of my favorites.

When you find an accessory that works (even if you stole it from Elton John), it will always work for you.

Toby's Tails


  1. I don't even get #4? They want to see all three of those things in a picture? I have been sitting, staring at this comment box for a solid 4-5 minutes trying to think of what (non-sexual) would give you all three of these things. Alas, no luck.

  2. Insertion spicy manure. I guffawed at that.

  3. haha eww why are there always gross ones and who in the world are these people that look this crap up? weird...

  4. OMG that photo of J is PRICELESS! I may or may not be stealing that for a rainy day. ;)

  5. Oh and I have seen you in sweatpants, it was DEFINITELY referring to you. "Ow ow!" ;)

  6. Those pictures are fantastic!!

  7. Spicy. Mature. Insertion.

    What would that image even look like?

    Look through your followers and find out who it was! :)

    Wow. Awesome.

  8. #4 scares me and makes me laugh. Even though I want to know what it is, I will not be entering that search term into Google.

    1. I'll apparently end up back here.
    2. The Feds may end up at my door.

  9. I am lol'ing over here. I need to figure out how to see my search terms.


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