May 16, 2013

Lessons from the Picture Albums

Another week closer to my 28th birthday, another set of childhood pictures dug out of the closet.  I have found some real gems on this adventure and some even better ones of my husband.

You will always have the classic "posed" pictures of your life.  Weddings, school pictures, senior pictures, etc.  You've been through the drill.  Tilt your head to the left, smile really big and fake (unless you're Justin and you're a stubborn brat,) sit up straight.

Those are the pictures for grandparents.  Candid shots are way more my style and apparently always have been.  Also, what the eff is that patchwork quilt-like outfit I'm wearing??  I guess I was a clown? Remind me to ask my mother about that one.

The face below is something that shows up almost as much as my thumbs in photos.  It's my "I wasn't ready because I'm bossing you around" face.  This also happens when I've had a cocktail or two.  Turns out I need to pay more attention when people are taking pictures.

Justin - seriously?  You look tortured in these pictures.  I'm happy to know you've done this your whole life and not just when I want you to take pictures.  I get it, you don't love it all the time, but suck it up.

This is better.  You look like you're actually enjoying yourself.

So after cleaning out the entire picture section of the closet (that's what started these random Thursday posts 1st round2nd round, and 3rd round), I've taken away a few key lessons:
  1. Thumbs up is my thing and I just need to embrace it.
  2. While dancing, I'm a leader, not a follower.
  3. There should never be a picture of just me unless a professional is taking it.  Grab a stuffed animal, a real animal, a bottle of liquor or whatever is around you.
  4. Pay attention when people are taking pictures of you and stop talking.
  5. Make sure Justin is having fun and is interested in being in the picture, otherwise you will receive a stick straight stubborn man with a frown on his face.
  6. Last but not least, I need to do more with my hair.

That's it for my random Thursday Thoughts.  I also realized that I'm falling behind on my goal of 30 miles in 30 days.  Here is my update - 12.79 miles (43% of the way).  Time to pick up the pace.

Toby's Tails


  1. Candid shots are the best, otherwise the husband and I just look like idiots because we can't smile like normal people.

  2. hahah these are awesome photos!

  3. It's always fun taking a trip down memory lane! You're doing great, keep it up!

  4. I hate posey pics, but we all take them at some point. I'm all about the candid shots.. too bad my phone's camera is normally too slow to catch a really good candid so I make my subject hold that pose or stance.. LOL


    (visiting via Toby's Tails, thursay's thoughts)

  5. I tend to have an "Elvis" lip in pictures = your bossy / wasn't ready face...haha! What can you do? :)

    I love throw-back Thursday pictures, it's always fun reminiscing!

  6. hahaha i love your picture posts - you've found some gems in that picture section of the closet (side note: can't believe you have a picture section in your closet)! the lip curl is a good look for you - embrace it with the thumbs up :)

  7. I gotta pick up my pace even MORE! :) You are doing great girl! Love all these throwback pics!

  8. haha! i love looking at old pics, these are great

  9. Haha this is great! I really need to pull out my baby pictures too. Such gems back then with the posed pics!


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