May 8, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 19

Looking back at the last week, I am so grateful for my friends that have kept me busy.  My husband has been traveling more and more for work with his recent job change and it's a bit of a struggle for me to adjust.   I sometimes attempt things I shouldn't when he is gone.  This is my favorite episode so far.

It's moments like this that I take a second to give military wives (and any others that are missing their other half for longer periods of time) HUGE HUGE HUGE credit, because it's hard being alone when you are used to having a partner.  It's not that I'm dependent on him, but I'm a person that likes routine.

I was lucky enough to be distracted the second half of last week by happy hours and Bravo marathons.  Justin is home this week, so I've been taking advantage of his presence - that pretty much means eating real dinners and not just pizza rolls, wine and yogurt.

1.  Kennedy & me on Thursday night after Happy Hour I got to stop by and see the girls.
2.  Our team, Gunnie's Park, at the Walk for Animals.
3.  Monday night emoji fun - yes, we are nerds.
4.  Marathon cheerleading on Cinco de Mayo requires lawn chairs and Strawberitas.
5.  Finally, a run in warm weather with my new neon shirt.
6.  Butkus and Tyson - my in-law's boxer puppies who I love.
7. A housewives + wine date with Anna.

I'm super excited that epic birthday weekend is creeping closer and closer.  It's about time to make some plans.  CAN'T WAIT.


  1. I feel for ya girl... I wouldn't do well with a husband traveling a lot. He has only done it a couple times for work and both times I did NOT like it!

    Glad you were able to be distracted with some fun stuff though-- Bravo and MTV marathons are my weakness ;)

  2. The picture about routine fits me perfectly! I can't imagine having my husband gone all the time. Like you, I'm not dependent on him, but I need that routine!

  3. Girl, I think you are SO strong to be able to handle your husband traveling a lot. I nag and whine to my husband when work takes him away from me longer than I like. It's ridiculous and I need to change my ways!
    Enjoy your time together this week :)

  4. Stopping by from the linkup! I think any time away from your significant other is hard! I can definitely relate since Tim is stationed in Hawaii while I'm over here in NYC. Friends and family ...and some good old TV ;) really are the best support systems though!

  5. i know exactly how you feel - chris has been traveling back to DC every other week since we moved to SF. at first it was SO hard - tears when he would leave and all. now that it has been 3 months, i've kind of gotten used to it. i still miss him and wish he was always here, but i've found things to do just for me and now sometimes even enjoy a little more alone time. as with anything, we adjust i guess!


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