May 22, 2013

I Can't Believe (Insta-Gratitude Week 21)

Work is crazy busy, I'm trying to get as much rest & relaxation before birthday weekend and I have some super random things flying through my head this week.

I can't believe I hold a bowling ball wrong - I use my thumb, my pointer finger and my middle finger.  Apparently that is wrong.  How has no one told me that my whole life?

I can't believe that birthday weekend is almost here.  Caroline on Thursday, McKinzie & me on Friday and Justin on Saturday.  This weekend will be nothing short of epic.

I can't believe that my name is showing up on Erin's blog today since she's one of my favorites to follow.

I can't believe that Kim Kardashian is still famous.

I can't believe my husband has never seen the movie Sandlot.  It's just wrong.

I can't believe I actually cleaned my shower last night.  Showers shouldn't need cleaning because you get clean in them, but I went all out last night and it sparkles.

I can't believe I just admitted that I don't clean my shower that often.

I can't believe the Twins... they have lost 7 games in a row.  Guys - this is not how we get championships. Pick it up now please.

On a separate note, here is my collection of daily gratitude pics from my Instagram (you can follow me at @stephgregerson.)

1 - Happy hour with my college roommate leads directly to bathroom selfies.  Obviously.
2 - Bowling date with Justin and a bunch of our friends on a rainy Sunday.
3 - This chocolate cake dessert was amazing - yes, that's some sort of whiskey butter next to it.
4 - Tulips.
5 - Sunset at Target Field is my favorite.
6 - My dogs, especially when they decide to snuggle with me.
7 - This recipe - I'm obsessed.


  1. Yayyy! Happy to have your face on my blog today!! :) I won't lie, I cracked up that you've been holding a bowling ball wrong your whole life- that is hysterical to me!!

    And seriously, cleaning a shower is prob my LEAST favorite chore... meaning, it gets done the least amount ha!

  2. Cleaning the shower is the worst, the whole process is just full of awkwardness because I can never find a good way to stand to reach all areas.

  3. I had to visually mime hold my bowling ball in my cubicle to see how I held it. I think I"m doing it right.

  4. Fun seeing you on Erin's blog! I'm thinking of running the Independence Day 10k at Lake Harriet...maybe. Do you have one picked out? Also, was your college roommate named Emma? I think I went to HS with her!

  5. Wait. That's not how you hold a bowling ball? Well what the hell? How do you hold one?

    Love the bathroom selfie. It screams "lady happy hour."

  6. WHAT?! you need to sit that man down for a sandlot viewing tonight! that is so wrong. totally with you on the showers - mine has to get into 'this is getting embarrassing' state before i'll work up the energy to get in there. it's exhausting!

  7. Um pretty sure that is how I've been holding a bowling ball for my entire life. Wtf. I feel so lost right now.

  8. Hmmm, what is the appropriate way to hold a bowling ball?! I hold one the same as you...guess I'm a real amature! LOL

    Sandlot is the best movie! How can your husband be a baseball fan and not have seen it?!?! That's so sad! :)

  9. Ugh cleaning the shower is the absolute WORST. If I could hire someone to clean just that, I'd totally do it. And love your roomie selfie - super cute!

  10. Please make Kim Kardashian go yesterday.

  11. Wait.. How do I not know how to hold a bowling ball!!?


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