May 17, 2013

Dear Friday


Dear Friday - I feel like it has taken one million years for you to get here, but I'm happy you're hear.  You make me want to dance my face off.
Dear Mississippi River - You make my morning commute really beautiful every day, but today especially.
Dear Kenzy, Maddy and Kennedy - Thank you for being so adorable.  I get at least one email a day at work with pictures of your daily activities - this one was titled "3 person spa."  I can't wait until there are more of you.

Dear Home Depot - I guess I'm coming to visit you this weekend to replace our lawn mower.  Happy birthday to us.
Dear Quincy & Lola - I apologize that our yard looks a bit like a jungle.  I've never been one to do yard work and with Justin busy with work - things have gotten out of hand.  Once we get a new lawn mower, the yard will be back to normal.  Also, keep being awesome and cute.

Dear 4 Year Old Mayor - I don't know how I didn't know about you before, but when my mom showed me your YouTube video last night, you instantly took a spot on my favorite people list right there with Kid President.

Dear Hi-C Orange Lavaburst - You are the only thing at McDonalds that I like.  Why don't you exist other places with fountain drinks?
Dear American Idol - GO AWAY.  I'm bored of even hearing about you anymore.
Dear Minnesota - You have had a pretty awesome week.  A new football stadium was revealed, we became the 12th state to legalize same sex marriage, but these gas prices.  Woof.  $4.29/gallon this morning.  It's a good thing you ranked high in bike friendly states because I need to find a different vehicle.

My song for #backthatazzup FRIDAY is:


  1. I love your dogs! And I'm so glad it's friday. It did take FOREVER to get here.

  2. I saw a thing on the tv in the elevator at work about american idol. I didn't even know that was still a thing.

  3. Haha, love the 3-person spa. And I seriously want your schnauzer!!!

    This week really has been one of the crappiest, longest ones ever. Def ready for some all-weekend rock o'clockin!

  4. That video of that little kid just made my day!

  5. cutest baby girls ever!

    also gas is pretty close to that here too. NOT COOL

  6. that video always gives me the chills! awesome choice.

    those little girls are adorable!

    have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Love this!! Looking forward to a great weekend.
    Ps - the 3 person spa? HILARIOUS! I wonder what Kennedy had in store for those two? HAHA


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