May 5, 2013

Breakfast Delight - Colossal Cafe

Last weekend, we tried another new restaurant in Saint Paul.  We woke up and wanted to take a bike ride together.  We searched for best breakfast places in the Twin Cities and there was one that was just about 3.5 miles from our house.  We hopped on our bikes and headed around Como Lake and towards the beautiful little neighborhood of St. Anthony Park.  I love this neighborhood.  There is a great mix of old and new.  It's mostly residential with a small section of boutique shops and cafes.

The restaurant was called the Colossal Cafe.  There is one in Minneapolis and one is Saint Paul.  When you walk in, you order your food first.  They will give you a table sign that looks like a street sign from the neighborhood and as soon as a table opens, they will seat you.  Once your food is ready, they will find your street sign and drop it off.

We were lucky enough to sit at the counter so we didn't have to wait to sit down.  When we read the review online, it was clear that one of us had to order their flapjacks.  We both chose the breakfast sandwich with eggs and cheese, mine was on a biscuit and Justin got his on the flapjack.

The service was unreal.  Because we didn't have a specific server, we had someone check on us every 5 minutes or so.  It is self service for coffee and water, but we had people making sure we were comfortable and happy.  It started off on the right foot when there was a young lady that stopped us on our way in the door and asked if we had been there before.  When we told her it was our first time, she explained our everything worked and made sure we didn't have any questions on the menu or the process.

The food was unreal.  It took about 15-20 minutes to get food.  The restaurant was busy, but everything seemed organized.  The kitchen is open so we could watch everything happen while we waited at the counter.  The flapjacks were huge and they were everything the reviews had described and better.  They were not sweet at all, but it was like making a pancake out of the best bread mix ever.  Eggs and cheese are eggs and cheese, but the biscuit and the flapjack made the whole sandwich that much better.

My favorite part was the syrup.  Once we finished most of the egg mixture, we tried a little of the flapjack with their syrup.  Justin's exact words were "this is what flows in the rivers of heaven."  It tasted a little like caramel.  They keep it on a warming plate when it's not at the table, so it's the perfect temperature.

We will definitely be back there soon.  The breakfast is amazing and I can't wait to try their lunch/dinner menus.  Another new restaurant in this beautiful city, another stop closer to completing my 30 before 30 list.


  1. breakfast food is my absolute fav and this place looks amazing!!

  2. It looks amazing! I do thnk it's kinda weird you didn't have specfic waitor/ess. but if it works & it's good servic, hey take it :)

    happy monday pretty!


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