April 6, 2013

Yes Please

It's my weekend to complete my taxes.  After taxes each year, I attempt to treat us with a little weekend away.  If I could treat myself with no monetary restraints, here is what I would buy/do (I have an entire pinterest board just for items like these.)

1.  This classy camper.  I would upgrade the pillow quality and quantity.  I would love to roll up at my friends house with this and let them know that "yes, I will spend the night in your driveway, please have breakfast ready for me in the morning."

2.  A Burberry Bag.  I am a sucker for Burberry.  I don't have any desire to be Kate Moss, but I could wrap myself in that tartan pattern all day long.

3.  Season tickets here.  This is the view from the Green Monster.  I love Boston and I LOVE Fenway.

4.  Endless amounts of cupcakes without the weight gain that would come with it and always a different flavor.


5.  This kitchen, along with the ability to actually cook and bake.

6.  In that kitchen, there would be a whole fridge just for beer, wine & champagne and it would be stocked all the time - by someone else.  I hate carrying in glass bottles from my car.  I broke a $40 bottle of Stoli Raspberry in my driveway once.  It would be great if someone else could take care of it for me.

7.  Bravo on demand all the time, so I can rewatch all my favorite housewife moments (source 12, 3, and 4)

8.  This library.  Yes, I was kind of the nerdy girl when I was younger, but I pretended to be super cool.

9.  This scooter.  My dogs like to come along on adventures, so the sidecar is for them.  Love the color.

10.  A 3 year vacation.  If I was unrealistic, I would have said a lifelong vacation.  I would just like to pack up my dogs, my husband, a lifetime supply of leggings & big comfy sweaters and my liquor fridge into my awesome camper and travel around the world.

Since none of that is happening right now, I am going to do my taxes, write a big fat check and then reward myself with some good lunch and a cocktail.  If you are interested in donating/participating in the fun stuff or my taxes, please contact me immediately.  Happy Saturday.



  1. absolutely love this. yes, i will join you for some cocktails later today.
    beauty and the beast library, i am with you.
    can i come on this 3 year vacation? hehe.


  2. I love that I was eating a Gigi's Cupcake (as a brunchy snack) while reading this. I actually bought a scooter similar earlier this year and I sooo want a sidecar for my dog but I doubt that will happen. I envision her wearing a floppy old timey aviator hat and goggles.

    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  3. I recognized the Beauty and the Beast library too. I loveee the camper idea. I always think about where I would go if I had the time and a cute camper!

  4. We are also accepting fun stuff donations for our taxes after we write our check!


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