April 5, 2013

The Urkel Shuffle + A 3-for-1

I'm not talking about alcohol this time.  Although, there is a place in the Twin Cities that serves 3-for-1's on Saturday mornings.  I bet it's a classy joint, but I have yet to check it out.  Anyways, today I am giving you three songs instead of one.  Too hard to pick.

Thanks to Whitney, our Friday has forever been changed.  Justin & I are lucky enough to work together on top of being married, so most days we carpool.  Since she started backthatazzup Friday, we now spend Friday mornings singing and rapping the whole way to work.  We use it to decide on the next round of songs.

This morning, I explained to Justin that I've had this song in my head all week and it's been a constant dance party.  Literally, walking the dog yesterday, I was humming it and dancing down the sidewalk.

J admitted this morning that he had NEVER heard this song.  Seriously, he grew up with two sisters, maybe he learned how to block out the Spice Girls, or worse, maybe his sisters weren't members of Spice World.  I know that can't be true because I love them and I don't love people that have never spiced up their life.  I was relieved when he told me that his favorite song of theirs is two become one, so we immediately burst into song.  I do secretly love that one too, but Stop is my fave.  Enjoy.

Next, this is my new dance song.  We had a full out wedding dress dance party (read here) to it a few weeks ago and I've been loving it every day since.

I love this video.  I'll warn you, I didn't love the song the first time, the second time it was starting to sink in and by the third time, I was in full on throwing my hands in the air and jumping up & down mode.  The intro is ridiculous, but sets it up for the best dance party IN THE WORLD.  Plus, who doesn't love a really, really, really good time wearing a gold sparkly outfit.  Cheers to the freaking weekend.

Now, Justin jumped on board to enter his first submission to this Friday tradition.

Man, where does one begin when it comes to talking about Erik Wright? Do you start by identifying him to the world by his more infamous stage name Easy-E? Or do you refer to him as the Godfather of Gangsta Rap? I guess it depends on your perspective. 

For me, he will always be the Godfather. I am not by definition a gangster (or gangsta, as we call it in the streets). I’m not even thug. So why is he the Godfather to me? It’s because he, in my eyes, was the first hardcore rapper; and his work takes me through time. 

Straight Outta Compton (1988 – N.W.A.) was the first rap album I ever heard when over at my friend Marques’ house. I was blown away by the explicit nature of the album. Marques asked me, “do you like it?” I DID! Then he offered up one of the greatest things a young man could get (however inappropriate): his “The Boyz-n-the-Hood” single on cassette! 

I had it at home and kept it hidden from my parents. After all, rap crap was not well received in our home. I listened to it very quietly so no one could hear. And even though it is not a dance song exactly, it does draw something out of skinny white boys that looks something like an Urkel shuffle. This was only the beginning of my love for rap. I went on to “Regulate” by Warren G. Obviously all of Doggystyle by Snoop. Death Row’s Greatest Hits is a classic. Bone-Thugs. All of it. Who knows, maybe Eminem was just a skinny little punk like me doing an Urkel shuffle.

Check out a clip from “The Boyz-n-the-Hood” (not the radio edit) and try telling me that the Godfather isn’t an absolute genius. And because he was the first rap I heard, I will always take a trip back in time to California, to Marques’ house, to skating, to the beach, to school, to memories that might otherwise be forgotten in the black hole of my mind if it weren’t for the power of music. 

Thanks for solidifying the memories Easy, and R.I.P. Respect. 

If the songs and my husband's reference to his "white boy Urkel shuffle" weren't enough to make your Friday happy, here is a present for you that my mom sent me this morning.


  1. I'm sorry, excuse me for a moment...

    3-4-1'S?!?!?!?!?!?!??! I WANT TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW.

    Woof. Sorry I just yelled all over your blog.

  2. Boys in the Hood...classic! haha Happy weekend!


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