April 10, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

While hopping around in the blog world, I stumbled across this post from this blog which I love and I decided that it would be a fabulous post idea (and now a link up).  I have a few new followers which makes my heart happy, so I'm a little nervous this might scare some people away, but we'll go for it anyways.

  1. I focus a lot of my time on the things in the world that make me happy and thankful.  That keeps me pretty positive all the time.
  2. I am addicted to gift giving, just ask my nieces.
  3. I am a rule follower.  I drive the speed limit and make a complete stop at stop signs.
  4. I am polite and believe that Thank You cards are never a bad idea.  I take my MN nice title really seriously when traveling and try to remain calm and collected at all times (but I'm not perfect.)
  5. I have really nice finger nails.  They grow long and strong.  I know you're a little jealous.

  1. I have a disgusting obsession with Andy Cohen & Neil Patrick Harris.  Plus, I watch way too much TV.  
  2. I pretend I can do karate and tae bo.  It's probably offensive to people that actually do those things.
  3. I'm obsessive and weird about colors.  I live and die by highlighters and color coding.  I hate using two different color pens in the same notebook.
  4. I eat like a 4th grader 75% of the time.  Lunchables, mac & cheese and peanut butter.
  5. I have no fashion sense.  If I could wear leggings, slippers and a big comfy sweater every day, I would.  

  1. I have hair on my toes and I ignore it most of the time because it's blond and I'm lazy.
  2. When I drink, I dance... I promise, it's real ugly.
  3. I get jealous of others who travel more than me or live somewhere super fun, yet I do nothing to change my location or situation.  Another way to put that is I am incapable of taking a big leap.
  4. Babies freak me out (except my nieces.)  I always feel super awkward holding them and never know how to react to newborns.
  5. I cry every time I laugh really hard.  It's so embarrassing.  I literally have to hide my head in my hands.
Now, I'm begging you not to desert me.  I am what I am.  Truth bomb.  

Side note: I promise, I don't wear shirts as dresses outside of my Las Vegas hotel room (also, that was college spring break.)  


  1. sooo can we lounge around in leggings & slippers while drinking & dancing and laughing/crying because I swear I was reading about myself just now.

  2. Yay I'm so glad you did this! Eating like a fourth grader is an excellent way to describe my habits as well.

  3. Newborns are terrifying. I didn't even like my niece until she could walk on her own. I can't handle that pressure. Also, I am legit really jealous of your nail situation. I need a life.

  4. Love these truths! I watch FAR too much bad TV also and usually do it while eating like a 4th grader. Glad I am not alone!

  5. I am right there with you on The Ugly 1-3...but my hair is dark and extra gross because I shaved it when I was a teen. I only think about it before getting a pedi or when the Hubs decides to give an impromptu foot rub.

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