April 16, 2013

My Love for Boston

A horrible thing happened in my second favorite city in the whole world yesterday.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there and around the country that had loved ones there.  The panic and worry was moving so fast yesterday.  The better that technology gets, the faster people are aware of the things happening around the world.  I instantly started thinking through the Facebook statuses I had seen from friends participating in the race over the last few weeks and praying they were safe.  Watching and waiting for updates.  One by one, they updated everyone that they were safe.

That can't be said for everyone.  The news is overwhelming to even watch.  Some of the pictures that popped up on my computer last night were so terrifying.

My plan today was to write about Boston as one of my favorite places to travel for Travel Tuesday (especially since I'm totally slacking on getting any pictures on my computer from Chicago).  I wrote specifically about Fenway Park last week (see here).

Instead of writing purely about the tragedy that took place and drawing even more attention to the sadness in the world, I wanted to share the beauty of Boston and the magical way that old meets new with architecture and traditions.  The patriotism and history is amazing.  The parks are beautiful and the waterfronts are picturesque.  The people are proud of their city, their sports teams and their history.

I love this city and I'm sending as many positive thoughts their way this morning as well as my prayers and sympathy.

This quote is posted at the Holocaust Memorial.

I should add that we were there when the Bruins were in the Stanley Cup, so even Paul Revere was wearing his jersey.

Helene in Between


  1. Sad about Boston, we watched the news about it over here. But a nice tribute post.

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  2. It seems like such a beautiful city. I would absolutely love to visit some day. My heart aches for all of the people there today.

    My Travel Tuesday Post


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