April 24, 2013

Kings vs. Wild (and reasons I love Hockey)

Last night, we went to the MN Wild Game which you know if you follow me on twitter.  I found some Woodchuck cider, some mini donuts and settled into my seat and had a great time.  We had great seats and we went with one of Justin's oldest friends and his wife.  We don't get to see them often and it was so much fun.  Problem is - my husband is a die hard Kings fan ever since he was a young boy living in Southern California and Mike is a MN Wild fan.  Since I haven't really selected a hockey team that I'm going to obsess over, I supported my husband and wore one of his Kings hats that was a size or two too big.

The MN Wild ended up winning 2-1.  Let's be real, the Kings just won the Stanley Cup and they've already clenched their spot in the playoffs, so losing this game wasn't that big of a deal.  The game was fun to watch and the last few minutes got really exciting.

I've been a fan of hockey my whole life.  I played for 15 years and coached for another 10.  Professional hockey has never been my favorite and I could never watch it on TV, but going to the game reminded me why I love this sport.  It doesn't matter if you're on the 3rd level, people everywhere are yelling at specific players to back check, dump the puck and my all-time favorite:

Come on guys, let's put the biscuit in the basket.

Maybe that's just a Minnesota thing, but it's my favorite line and it brought back lots of memories of my dad yelling from the bench or the stands when I was a kid.

You also have the other end of the spectrum which is people just looking for violence in the game.  I get that fighting has become part of hockey, but when a mother behind is yelling "hit him while he's down" in front of her young kids, we have a problem.  Yes, it's a physical game.  I played with the boys the first half of my "all star" career until they got too big and hitting started and then they made me move to girls.  I love a good hit as much as the next person, but the fans have gotten a little too into the violence and less into the game itself.

The moments that always make me laugh in a hockey game is when there is a "misunderstanding."  That is a nice way of saying that two members on the same team slam into each other and look like complete clowns.  Maybe someone moved or they couldn't see the color of the jersey they were about to collide with, but I laugh out loud every single time.  This has been doctored (obviously), but I didn't get a video of the epic one I saw last night, so this will do.

I will leave you with my favorite picture of the whole night:

I checked this morning and they are still friends.  This picture is the best.


  1. I LOVE HOCKEY! I'm a die hard Blues fan, though, because I'm from the STL.

  2. I LOVE hockey. Went to some Stars games, and I'm OBSESSED. But any sport that encourages me to drink beer and scream and encourage fighting is something that I'm completely on board with.

  3. also a hockey lover! as a minnesota girl, i'd be worried about you if you DIDN'T love hockey. my brother played growing up and we were rangers fans in my upstate ny household. now that i've found a boston boy we are die-hard bruins fans. go b's!


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