April 3, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 14 + Neighbor Problems

I'm in an ongoing feud with my neighbor.  She doesn't know it, but we are.  She has never spoke to us and doesn't ever return a friendly smile or wave.  Her dogs attacked my dog on the first night we lived in our house and we never really recovered from that situation.  Trust me, no harsh words have ever been exchanged, but I hate being ignored more than anything.  She gives me the silent treatment and I attempt to annoy kill her with kindness.

Christmas rolled around this year and we delivered all the neighbors cookie dough with a card that said "everyone could use a little extra dough this time of year."  SUPER cheesy, but that's just what people love to get around the holidays.  No response from this neighbor.



Point of this?

Last night, I was happy that she was my neighbor.  I had just settled myself into my special corner of my couch with sushi and a Sol ready to watch the first episode of Real Housewives of Orange County when I saw my neighbor.  She was leaving her house to go for a run.  Here I was, ready to spend three hours lounging around, and she has to run by the house.  As I watched her, I realized that maybe she has been in a middle of an epic weight loss battle (she looks way different now than when we moved in three years ago.)  She has become a frequent runner and looks amazing.  So, I got off my butt and ran last night as well.  It went horrible.  I only went for 20 minutes, but it was better than not going.   I still indulged in sushi, Sol and RHOC, but I felt better.  Thanks neighbor. 

Maybe the cookie dough was a bad idea.  I'll go for a fruit basket next time.  

Also, Vicki got a chin implant? Really?

On to my gratitude pics from the last week. 

This is my niece.  She told me last week that I was the best person ever.  She also told that to her other auntie and all of her cousins, but it still made me feel pretty good.  Plus, I love her dancing attire.

HAPPY HOURS on Thursday.  They were so much fun and helped me escape the Man Flu at my house.

Target.  I love that place and their random gift aisles.  I spent some time looking through their book section of the gift aisle.  I can't help myself.  I love me a Yeti.

Springtime - I could feel it on Saturday.  Even though the skies were gloomy and the wind was a little chilly, I could finally feel it coming - until Monday.

I was super thankful for the family time on Easter.  My family, J's family and our St. Paul family of friends.

Monday lunch date at Rojo.  Vegetarian tacos are the tits my favorite meal in all the world. I love sweet potatoes.  I hope you get the I Love You, Man reference.

I love the old book section in a book store.  It always reminds me of my grandpa.  He was a middle school English teacher and even when he got to the end of his teaching career, he always used his original copies of books because he had made his pencil marks in all of them.  Paging through some classics in his study was always one of my favorite things as a kid.  Huckleberry Finn was always his favorite.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." 
- William Arthur Ward


  1. I thought maybe you were going to say you ran to catch up to her and force her to be your friend. "Hi, hi, hi!!!!"

    Not that I would consider doing that myself or anything...

  2. Jumping around blogs this morning.
    I died laughing at the "I Love You Man" reference. When we moved to So Cal one of the FRIST places we had to eat was James Beach. Their fish tacos REALLY ARE the tits.

    Happy Wednesday. :)


  3. When I said FRIST I was really excited. See, what I meant to say was FIRST. Guess I was dreaming about the tit tacos. Whoops.

  4. She sounds a little bitchy..no lie. Maybe I am just overly friendly? hha yeah right.

    Gah I love love old book sections like that! It just makes me feel...peaceful?

    make those tacos for me?? Please&thankyou

  5. You and your motivation. I hate my neighbors mainly because they give us dirty looks when we let our dogs out while theirs are out. Oh I'm sorry, should I stare out my window and wait for your dog to shadoobie while mine cross their legs and wait??

    They Call Me Gypsy Queen


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