April 9, 2013

Home of the Green Monster

Justin and I are on a mission to see each and every MLB stadium in the country.  So far, we have been to games at only six, but we've seen many more and are excited to travel back to those.  We are heading to Wrigley Field this weekend, snow, rain or shine.  So, today I will show you my favorite so far.  It's the place where you will hear this song each time the home team wins and it is one of the greatest sports experiences I've ever been a part of - also, one of the top ten reasons I might move to Boston someday.  This is the video from the Standell's playing it live at the Red Sox Rally in 2007.

Fenway Park.  Home of the Green Monster, Williamsburg, the Lone Red Seat.  I have only been there 4 different times, but I think about it all the time and often pretend that I am there.  The area around the park shuts down on game days and it turns into a street fair.  There are food vendors, bars with no walls, loud music and lots of red and blue.

I will never forget Fenway for my first time in 2005.  Justin and I had not been dating very long and we decided to take a weekend trip together.  He bought me tickets to Fenway Park.  We had the best weekend ever exploring the city.  Getting on the subway to head to our first game was quite an experience.  Everyone on the packed subway was decked out in Red Sox gear.  The game was an absolute blast and I was in love (with the guy and the park.)

My next time to Fenway was in 2007 and we got engaged in Provincetown (story for a different day).  We celebrated the whole next day with the baseball game and it was completely unforgettable.  The last time, we brought Justin's parents to Boston and Cape Cod for a week long vacation in 2011.  I can't wait to get back.  Until then, I'll just get super excited about Wrigley and the rest of baseball season and watch Fever Pitch if necessary.


Seriously, take the tour and go to as many games as possible.  My dream is to sit on the Green Monster.  The only way to get seats there is to enter a raffle each February.  Yep, this was year six and I haven't won yet.  Boston has a serious chunk of my heart.

Also, since we failed on having anyone take pictures of the proposal (because we were far away from home), we did a reenactment in our hotel room after a beer or two and a baseball game.

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Helene in Between


  1. I love Fenway- and we even had a win yesterday for its Opening Day!

  2. omg how cute is your engagement?!?!?! ahh love this idea. you two are ovbiously the coolest if you are trying to visit all the stadiums! what an incredible idea!!

  3. i have never been to boston but i really wanna go!


  4. That's an awesome goal! I've only been to 2 stadiums, Cardinals and Dodgers, but this is something my husband and I would enjoy doing together!

  5. I have been to Boston a bit with my parents (family lives there). But about a week before I got married, I went to Boston to go to a friends wedding. We walked right by the ballpark but there wasn't a game. We ended up eating at a great burger place near it.

    Good luck in the goal of seeing them all. That would be a neat experience.

  6. Hope you're having a great time at Wrigley! If you're still out and about tomorrow, my friend's band is playing at the Cubby Bear at 10 pm right across from Wrigley Field. They're a lot of fun!


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