April 19, 2013

Emma the Dilemma

I always thought it was so funny that her name rhymes with dilemma.  She was there for me in all the dilemmas I had throughout college and even the years since then.  Emma is my college roommate.  We met smoking cigs on the benches outside the dorms on move in weekend freshman year of college.  We have been friends ever since.  We lived together for the rest of college.

We are pretty much opposites in most aspects of life.  She is from the burbs, I am a city girl born and raised.  She is a Yogi, I am a No-gi.  She is a really good singer, I am a great break dancer.  She lives a mostly gluten free life, I eat mostly gluten.  She is tall, I am short.  She lives in Minneapolis, I live in Saint Paul.  She is artistic, I pretend with crayons.

We do have a few things in common: Sweat Pants, awesome mixed tapes, Justin Timberlake, Kanye's Workout Plan, board games, karaoke and an obsession with Jack Bauer.

Today is her birthday.  I wish we were drinking cocktails together and serenading each other with love songs like we did almost every night in college, but I have to work tomorrow so we will postpone this celebration.

Emma - These videos are for you.  The first video is why I shouldn't be allowed to dance after too many beers... like ever.  The second video makes me smile - I mean, why wouldn't there be a big old dog in the bar?  We need to have another one of these nights soon, but maybe everyone around should be as drunk as me.  Love you.


  1. Those videos are hilariously awesome! Happy Birthday Emma!

  2. those are some pretty great dance moves! lol Happy Birthday Emma! :)


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