April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Springtime weekends with very little on the schedule = pure happiness.  Also, finding these on the magazine stand at Target was a good kick off to my weekend.  Don't Call Me Fat! vs. I Can't Stop Eating.  Oh Kim...

I had to work this weekend and Justin had been sick last week, so we had a pretty low key Friday & Saturday night.  We ordered Chinese takeout Friday and watched The Watch.

I had to work Saturday morning, but just a half day so I was able to get some things done in the afternoon to prepare for family.  Right after work, I took some time to complete my very first Virtual 5K.  I still find running really hard, but if I am in a race or make a public commitment, I am much more likely to make it happen.  My sister-in-law sent me the Jelly Bean Race and I signed myself up.  I was lucky enough to meet up with some friends on their run, so I wasn't alone.  The hills were rough around the lake, but other than that, I felt good to enjoy the spring weather.

It was obviously time to reward myself after that run, so I went on an adventure to Minneapolis in search of a springtime beer.  Everyone I know has been talking about Strawberry Lager, but they haven't gotten any at the one liquor store in the Twin Cities that carries it, so I settled on Abita's Purple Haze which is their Raspberry beer (super good).  We also picked up some Sol which brought my husband back to his high school spring break trip to Cancun.  After cleaning the house was completed, we enjoyed one or two.  I put the egg bake together (recipe here) for Sunday brunch and we had an early bedtime.

Easter Sunday was a blast.  We had a total of 15 people between both families.  We had egg bake, cheesy potatoes, beef brisket, fruit salad, cupcakes and key lime cookies.  We made mimosas and strawberry lemonade.  All the nieces were there and ready to play.  We had some butterfly ornaments for them to make.  After the initial excitement of seeing everyone wore off, they found this note from the Easter Bunny.

The bunny was worried about the older girls finding all the eggs before the little girls had the chance, so he color coded everything this year and it worked like a charm.  We got them little gift bags to thank them for finding all the eggs so we wouldn't have to and they were a hit.  I always love the dollar section at Target.

 After Justin's family left, I got a little time with my mom and my grandma to chat and catch up.  We don't see Grandma Elly that much, but it's so fun to spend time quality time with her.  She had her usual one light beer (the choice this time was PBR).

Everyone left our house by 3:30, so we decided to make the rounds with leftover food and candy to our friends that celebrated the holidays by working.  That is when the day took an interesting turn.

After our deliveries, we met up with some friends at a little French restaurant that has a really nice bar and kind of expensive food, but some of the best crab cakes this side of Baltimore.  We were enjoying some beverages and snacks, when this nicely dressed young man stumbled into the bar and pulled up a stool at the table next to us.  He ordered a glass of water and they brought him the bread for the table and gave him a minute to look at a menu.  This nice man was EXTREMELY intoxicated.  He ate the whole loaf of bread and drank his water while swaying back and forth.  Any time we would say anything at our table to one another, he would just say the word "no" loudly.

After about ten minutes of this weird behavior, he stood up.  He would walk over to our table and just stare at our food.  Things started to get weird and I handle awkward situations by laughing, so I put my face in my hands.  I couldn't stop.  I was crying from laughing so hard.

Eventually, the server came over to check on the situation and her manager followed closely behind.  He was super cool and nice to the guy, but just told him that he should probably leave if he wasn't going to order anything.  At least he got some bread and water to help sober up.  The manager bought our table shots and apologized profusely.  I thought they handled the situation so well and we were happy to take a free drink.  What a way to end the weekend.

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  1. looks like you had a great easter! i love easter egg hunts, no matter how old I am!

  2. The virtual 5k is such a fun idea! I had never heard of it before. Would you do it again?

    Glad you had a nice Easter!

  3. Found you through the link up today :) What cute pictures! I was horrified when I saw that magazine cover of Kim that I thought was insinuating that she was fat- she's pregnant for goodness sakes! I saw another one about her hitting 200 pounds which #1 I REALLY doubt and #2, again, poor girl- she's pregnant! Ah!

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