April 19, 2013

Dancing with Myself

This morning has been just a whirlwind of emotions for me.

I woke up and turned on the news while getting ready.  So much going on over night.  A 19 year old?  I can't even get my brain to understand.  There is an entire US city on lock down this morning.  So scary.

After 30 minutes of CNN, I looked outside.  It snowed 7 inches over night.  My husband has been out of town, so I had to shovel the heaviest snow ever all by myself for 45 minutes just to get the car out of the driveway.  Thank you Kettle Bells for giving me the strength to not keel over lifting all of it.  I was then scolded by a high school boy that my whole sidewalk wasn't cleared yet.  Thank you asshole.  If I wasn't smaller than you, I might have intimidated you into shoveling the rest of my driveway for me.

I had to just laugh at the fact that it's illegal in MN to declare a snow emergency after April 10.  Cars were plowed in everywhere.  The roads weren't too slippery.  As I'm sitting at a stoplight, I spot a man walking his two little Pomeranian dogs.  The sidewalks weren't shoveled and they were barely making it through the snow, but they were rolling and playing with each other.  I laughed out loud.  Watching him try to keep them moving plus avoid getting tangled in their two leashes was hilarious.

It helped me realize something this morning.  There are some scary things happening this week in the world (and every week for that matter.)  How can people be so mad about the snow?  It's beautiful and I live in MN and I love the snow.  April is a weird time for it to happen, but at least I could leave my house this morning.  I got a killer workout in this morning by shoveling this ridiculously heavy wet snow.  Plus, the Mayor of Minneapolis declared today "Ski to Work Day."  Although 7 miles of skiing would be too far for me after my killer arm workout, I love the idea of it.

Minnesota - embrace the snow... or move somewhere else.  I'm choosing to just laugh about it and enjoy it and probably have my own dance party.  I apologize for the randomness.

Stay safe this weekend.  Give lots of hugs.  Try to schedule yourself a dance party - if you need more songs, check out other selections on the link up.


  1. I definitely need a dance party this weekend! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. I saw someone cross country skiing down the side of the road on the way home last night when I was picking up brady. I still am kicking myself for not taking a picture!

    And ps - your post so far is the only thing making me slightly less depressed about this weather. so shanks. :)

  3. I hate this weather. Originally being from the south isn't helping. When it all melted a little over a week ago, I was coming out of my winter funk.

    This just throws me right back into it. I want to runaway. LOL.

    My husband and I have been discussing moving but financially, it's not possible right now. So I have to wait. (I'd say 'patiently wait' but patience is not a strong point of mine.)

    I did however get a laugh thinking about the dogs in the snow. Thanks for that.

  4. Ski to work day, I love it. Hope it's not too big a pain to get home and the weather settles down though! It is April after all.


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