April 4, 2013

Right Now - April Edition

Reading: I am loving all the baseball talk in the blog world recently.  Helene wrote about the best baseball movie quotes of all time and Sarah (aka Venus) wrote about getting the most out of a baseball game.  Also, I just started this book and I'm only a little ways in, but I'm liking it.  I downloaded it on my Kindle a few months when my college friend posted it on Facebook.  It's his brother's book and it a cheap download.  I really like the writing so far.

Eating: Healthy breakfasts.  It's hard to do, but I'm forcing myself each and every day.

Listening to: Lots of random music.  We are going to see Dawes in July at First Ave and I'm super excited about that.  I'm super glad that Nelly is back in my life.  And last but not least, any song that reminds me to "get my shine on" is a winner as the warmer temps are slowly crawling in.

Watching:  Real Housewives of Orange County is back.  I hate to admit it, but I think I'm on Team Tamra again this season.

Missing:  Winter.  Ha.  Just kidding.  I'm really missing obscene amounts of sugar and soda.  Tracking sugar in my diet is one of the most saddest things because the number goes up even when you're eating a breakfast sandwich.

Anticipating:  Chicago!!!  (pictures from 123456 and 7) That's number one.  I'm also pretty excited to go camping at the end of the month and for May because it's birthday month for both of us and we have so many fun things going on.

Wishing for:  Warm temperatures so we can play outside all the time.  I'm so excited for patio season.  Also, a really good cupcake.

Drinking:  Abita Purple Haze (great light raspberry flavored beer), lots of water and New Age wine.

Laughing at:  Tina Fey (finishing up Bossypants), Jimmy Fallon & Jay Leno and my outfit today.  I literally look like my 5th grade teacher minus the perm.  I'm throwing away this stupid floral shirt.  Even my husband told me that I looked "nice" and would probably get compliments from the old ladies in the office.

Loving:  Baseball season is back, snow is melting, one of my oldest friends got engaged this week (Congrats Erin & Nick), the donations we are getting for the Animal Humane Society (see the button on the side of the page) and the tulips on my calendar for the month of April at my desk.

Beginning:  30 miles in 30 days.  Even though, I'm off to a slow start because it was super chilly on Monday and Tuesday, I plan on catching up today after work.  I've said before that I have to be accountable to someone or something in order to keep running.  This is perfect for me.

Toby's Tails


  1. What app is that at the bottom? Never thought to look into keeping track of miles like that! Visiting from Nikki's challenge :)

  2. I'm so glad you are doing the 30 in 30 challenge too. What is the app at the bottom, if you don't mind me asking? I use the nike plus app but I'm all about charts and seeing things help my motivation! Keep up the great work!

  3. Yesterday when I was driving to the airport I heard Ride Wit Me by Nelly and forgot how much I used to love him!!! I wondered if he had done anything new recently.

  4. ummm raspberry beer? Yes please! And i need to get on this 30 miles in 30 days, I like that!!

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  6. All things spring here, currently hunting down new Adirondack chairs!


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