April 30, 2013

Chicago - The Usual Stuff

Our trip to Chicago this round included many of the quintessential Chicago tourist spots.  Nothing was busy because the weather wasn't great, so that made things really easy to get to and explore.  We had not visited Chicago in almost 7 years which is crazy since it's the closest big city and fairly inexpensive to fly to from here.  The trip came at a good time too because Justin's job changed the week before we left and I don't know that he'll be able to get much time off for the next couple of weeks/months.

We spent most of our time on the North side of the river this time.  We stayed right off Michigan Ave in a boutique hotel called the Whitehall Hotel.  It was foggy and rainy for most of our trip, but the sunshine came out for a little while when we were exploring Lincoln Park and the John Hancock tower.

And when you are done with all the touristy stuff, enjoy the people watching on Michigan Avenue with a nice hot cup of coffee or a nice cold cocktail.  We were lucky enough to see an entire group of Storm Troopers loading on to the bus (including Darth Vader without his helmet on.)  Also, we witnessed some weirdos learning to break dance from a bus stop sign... that might have been us, but still weirdos.

Helene in Between


  1. i have only been to chicago one time and it was for a work trip, i need to go back!!

  2. Kick ass pictures. Were those all with your iphone??

  3. Haha I still cannot get over the stormtroopers, seriously hilarious!!

  4. I love your pictures! They are fantastic!
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    I would love to follow you on twitter @ToriGStyled

  5. Love your pics! You have a great eye!


  6. What great pictures! I really want to visit Chicago someday!


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