March 21, 2013

The Danger Zone

Who hasn't seen Top Gun?  Apparently, I was the ONLY person in America that had never seen it.  Yep, I was even called a "freedom hater."  So sue me.  I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan and I know I'm not the only hater out there.

Top Gun just so happens to be one of Justin's favorite movies, so he was horrified that I had missed out on this epic 80's movie.  Over time (8 years), I finally decided that I would add it to my 30 before 30 list and make it happen.

They opened it in 3D in theaters for 4 days in February, so I told Justin about it and we made a date for the day we returned from Disneyworld.  I had finally decided that enough junk food, 80's music, cheesy montages and Val Kilmer could make any Tom Cruise movie at least a 5 out of 10.  I was right.  I thought the movie was OK.  I had a few moments that I was ready to break out into song.

My favorite things about the movie included:

Val Kilmer - I've always loved him.

Meg Ryan - Love her and her short hair.

Character names - Iceman, Goose, Maverick, Viper, Cougar - I know I'm late getting on this train, but I would love a nickname like Iceman.  I think I might start calling myself that and see if anyone catches on.

Aviators & Bomber Jackets - American classics, even though both look bad on me.

My salty pretzel (I always get one at movies).

Men playing volleyball - I said I love Val Kilmer.

Soundtrack - SUPER cheesy, but that's the best part about most 80's movies

See, I can have a mini love fest for this classic.  Now, what didn't I love about this movie?  What made it only a "like" and not a "love" like everyone else?  The one and only, Tom Cruise.  He makes me crazy.  Plus, it was 3D on the big screen - I could see up his big nose on more than one occasion.  The love making scenes made me want to vomit.  If I made the movie, I would keep everything the same and make one small change.

Rob freaking Lowe  - Deal with it.  If you love Tom Cruise, don't hate me.  

Have you seen Top Gun?  Do you wish you could change a character in a classic movie?

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  1. Haha those pictures are so funny! I used to love Tom Cruise until he became completely crazy. I think you're on to something with Rob Lowe...Topgun remake?

  2. Wow. I think you really need to get over the Tom Cruise thing. The fact is most of Hollywood's actor are complete nut bags.

    I look at it like this: Kevin Costner is possibly the world's worst actor (Nic Cage is not a part of this discussion) but he makes awesome movies. I refuse to stop watching awesome movies because Costner's monotone voice will be intolerable.

    Like you, I believe there are actors that should never get another role. However, I cannot deny when they strike pure gold in an excellent movie. Top Gun is excellent. And whether or not Tom Cruise is nuttier than a Snickers bar doesn't really change that fact.

  3. Haha. Those pictures are so funny. I've always loved Val Kilmer too and I'm kinda meh about Tom Cruise. Take him or leave him.

  4. Classic movie, glad you finally watched it! And love the picture changes, I don't mind Tom Cruise in it, but Row Lowe wouldn't be too bad either.


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