March 4, 2013

Saving Money in March = Quiet Weekends

It is officially Save Money March.  Why?  Because I need another vacation so I should probably save some money and then take one.  That does lead to boring weekends... kind of.  We are attempting to take advantage of all of things we have previously paid for and try not to spend money this month - you know, rebuild the fun fund.  Plus, we have so many books, movies, games and wine that we've purchased and have yet to enjoy.  We have gift cards and groupons to use up.  So, we're trying this out.

Friday night involved some PBR, some John's Pizza for $8.00 (one of my top 5 favorites) and the movie, Brave - which we borrowed from my niece.  Movie was not great.  Merida (the main character) had the greatest hair though.

Saturday, we headed to Eau Claire to visit my favorite real life redhead, Kendra, and her family.  We had quite an entertaining road trip discussing the remaining items on my husband's 30 before 30 list - he is down to under 3 months.  Kendra and her husband have two wonderful little kiddos.

We went to the children's museum in Eau Claire and it was extreme chaos, but oddly it all seemed under control.  The kids were running around the indoor playground and I had to continuously remind myself to take deep breaths.  There were just so many things happening and I was overstimulated.  I stuck close to Jack - he's 5 months old and can't run and jump yet.  He's much more my speed.  I could barely even get a picture of Ava because she never stops moving.  I absolutely LOVE her red hair though, so I love trying to get her to slow down long enough to take a picture.

We headed back home and allowed ourselves a beer at Costello's that we paid for - well, I had two - I love Finnegan's.  $15.00 total.  I felt a little guilty about that, so we headed home to see what we had laying around.  We found Sam Adams in the fridge from my liquor store run on Thursday and Mario Party 7.  Beer and video games made for an extremely entertaining Saturday evening at our house.

Sunday, I finished two books that I was reading - including the 4th and final book of the Nora Roberts Bride Quartet.  I've been complaining about getting hooked on those books, but let's be real - I'm sad they are done.  I went for a run and almost broke my hip dodging poop and then proceeded to step into an ankle deep puddle.  2.76 miles is still a pretty long run for me, so I felt pretty good about it.  I explored a new trail and enjoyed the sunshine on my face.

We watched Friends with Kids in the late afternoon while relaxing.  I love Parks & Rec and I love Ben Wyatt and he's in this movie, along with the entire cast of Bridesmaids (well, Kristen, Maya and Kirsten's 2 guys).  I don't know how it got added to our Netflix queue, but never heard of this being in the theaters.  It was pretty funny, but not one that I need to see again.

Last night, I settled in with a glass of wine and Hart of Dixie.  Damn Netflix.  Looks like that's how I'll spend the majority of March... watching cheesy shows and documentaries.  Wouldn't it be fun if they had all the Real Housewives seasons on Netflix?

Total cost of fun this weekend: $22.00  -  Vacation - here I come!!!!!

Now, I'll go read about other people's super fun weekends... another activity that doesn't cost any money.

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  1. 22$ is certainly not bad! I always feel kind of guilty spending money on drinks when we could just have them at home...but its fun just to get out. I used to live near Costello's, great place!


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