March 13, 2013

Really Google? Meet Bloglovin'

It's Wednesday night and I'm jumping on this bandwagon that is Bloglovin.  I have a great routine when I drink my coffee each morning.  I need a few good laughs and I need a little reassurance that I'm not alone in my weirdness.

With Google reader going away, how will I do this?  Answer = Bloglovin.

Congrats to you for getting the word out that you are the "official" replacement.  I know this is blowing up your feed.  Please follow me?  And please don't think I'm a creeper if I'm following you in six different places.  I have already sent out twitter apologies to a few.  I swear, it means I just want to read what you have to say while drinking coffee (or a cocktail).  SHARE THE LOVE.

I apologize Sweet Brown.  I don't run Google and I didn't do this... and if you had a blog, I would follow you.  Also, these rants are exactly why I don't blog after a beer (or 2?).  This is my thank you face.  Again, I have no idea what I'm doing.


  1. bahaha! shit this is funny!I thought about blogging last night after 2 large vanillavodka/cokes but then I thought..better not...someday it will happen though and I'm a little excited/scared to share my crazy... ;) thanks for starting my thursday off with a giggle!


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