March 11, 2013

Rainy Weekend

Rain is an interesting thing, especially when the state of MN has some serious spring fever.  Last weekend, we were hit with a huge snowstorm.  This weekend, it just rained... all weekend.  I don't mind the rain, but this weekend, it really seemed to make people a little crazy.

On Friday, we celebrated Travis Day.  Travis was one of my husband's best friends in college and the years that followed.  A little over 4 years ago, Travis lost his battle with lung cancer.  We were so blessed to have him as part of our lives and there were so many good memories.  Each year, on his birthday, we celebrate him.  Our friend, Jenny, posted this collage and I laughed out loud.  The picture on the top right was from their Halloween party when J and I went as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  We arrived at Trav's house and he was so excited about his costume.  It was a little old women carrying a baby on her back.  Trav's lower half was the old woman and his top half was the baby.  It was the most ridiculous costume and he kept adding ninja apparel to the old woman - you can kind of tell in this photo.  It was his simply amazing sense of humor that made everyone adore him and we miss him all the time.

The rest of the weekend was super rainy and gray.  The temperature was great at about 35-40 degrees, but it didn't stop raining.  I had to work Saturday all day and it's definitely easier to work on the weekend when it's dreary outside, but it seemed like all of our customers were crabby.

Saturday evening, we met a bunch of friends at Grumpy's for beers and apps.  We have some friends planning their wedding, so it's always fun to hear about the planning... at least for me - I'm obsessed with to-do lists.  Somehow, Katie and I got the idea to have a dance party after dinner at her apartment, but it was a dance party like no other.  I went home and picked up a six pack of PBR tall boys and my wedding dress and we headed over to her apartment.  We wore wedding dresses, drank beer, ate baked potato pizza from Pizza Luce and watched SNL.  I told you the rain made me a little nuts, but wearing my wedding dress is not unusual for me (I even updated my "about me" tab with this random little fact.)  You have to get your money's worth.

There are videos of this dance party, but I can't quite bring myself to post them.  Let's just say that #backthatazzupfriday gave me some much needed inspiration.  Justin found this whole thing to be quite amusing, even though he doesn't look amused in this picture.

Back to SNL, it was amazing.  I love Steve Martin and Chevy Chase, like in a creepy "I'm a little too young" way.  I sent Steve Martin a drunk tweet expressing my love for him... no response.  I don't know if people that old even know that they've been tweeted at.  Oh well, I'll just chalk that up to the rain as well.

Thank you for Veganville.  Fast forward to Sunday, I woke up with a headache.  PBR is not a good beer if you want to wake up feeling like a million bucks.  I decided to lay on the couch and watch Hart of Dixie and drink coffee all morning.  Daylight savings time BLOWS.  One more hour would've solved all my problems.  Instead, we went to meet Brady & Kelsey's new puppy, Griffin, and he solved all my problems.  Kelsey posted this picture of their children and I about died.  He is the cutest pup and I can't wait to watch him get big.

Sunday evening included everything that it should - pizza, dogs, couch, sweatpants and TV.  We watched two more episodes of Homeland - which I love.  My weekend ended with this:

Even though he smelled like a wet dog, it was adorable that he wanted to cuddle.  I'm secretly glad it wasn't on my pillow.  Next weekend is St. Party Day and I'm really hoping for some sunshine.  I've had enough of this rain.

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  1. Haha! I love that you randomly wear your wedding dress. Mine is in some sort of "preservation" box thing and now I really am thinking about taking it out and just hanging it in my closet- just in case I feel like putting it on!


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